I’m Not Behind on My Credit Card But Would Like to Settle It for Less

Question: Dear Steve, I have significant credit card debt having overspent and invested in coaching, personal development programs and starting a new business that I’m very proud and excited about. One of my cards is TJX Synchrony with a balance of $7900 at 27.49%. I’d like to pay a good amount with my tax refund. … Read more

Can I Negotiate a Settlement With My Own Credit Card Companies? – Larry

“Dear Michael, I have the great deal credit debt – long story – used a number courtesy checks against these credit cards to add monies into company believing I would pay them off. Well that did not happen, so I have been paying monthly and these amounts – never go down due the interest rates. … Read more

Can I Negotiate With My Own Creditors to Settle My Debt? – Lesley

“Dear Steve, I currently have $39,000 in credit card debt spread across 5 cards. Two with Chase and 1 each with Citicards, Bank of America, and American Express. I am not behind on any payments, but am only able to make the minimum due on each card every month. I expect that in the next … Read more

Can I Ask My Credit Card Companies to Settle My Debt? – Tim

“Dear Steve, credit card debt, owe 30k can I ask the credit card companies to settlement my debt if I pay them a large some,,,, I owe about 30k ( 2 different companies) can I give them lets say 18k and clear the books………….or with this impact my credit if they agree to partial settlement? … Read more

I Want to Settle My Own Debt But I’m Feeling Panic. – Vivian

“Dear Steve, My husband became disabled in middle of major home remodel. Had to use credit cards to finish house and house payments are now too high, along with cc debt too high. Checked in filing bankruptcy and lawyer advised to stop payment on cc’s and house and save the money to negotiate settlements. I … Read more

Will Chase Bank Negotiate My Debt With Me Directly? – Eric

“Dear Steve, I am currently about 13,000 in debt and want to be free of all dept. owe chase $8,000 at present If I call chase to negotiate a settlement of this $8,000, and I have about $5,000 on hand. will they negotiate low enough that I can pay them off. I do not want … Read more

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“Dear Steve, I am recently employed again after 19 months of unemployment after a corporate downsize. Somehow I managed to keep my house and not fall terribly behind in most of my payments… but I subsequently used up all of my savings, CDs, 401k and money market accounts. I also have a significant amount of … Read more

I Want to Settle My Own Debts But What Should I Do? – Danny

“Dear Steve, Married, mortgage, 2 kids, wife lost job September 2008, returned January 2009, however with reduced hours (office admin for Real Estate Appraiser). Now works about 1 day per month for same office and has returned back to college for Business Degree, graduates December 2010. Mortgage is current but with 8.25 interest rate and … Read more