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The Lender Agreed to a Short Sale But Nobody Wants to Buy It. – Hal

Decision time

“Dear Steve, We have a underwater mortgage that is approximately $100,000 in excess of the value of our home. We have been trying to get the principal reduced and now have the offer listed in the “question’s section” We have underwater mortgage that was transferred from Bank of America to SPS and they have offered a “Short Payoff” in the ... Read More »

    I Lost My Job. How Do I Unload My Vacant Home. – Peter

    Short Sale Green Road Sign on Dramatic Blue Sky with Clouds.

    “Dear Steve, I have a first mortgage (about $210-220K) with PNC Mortgage and a second/line of credit with PNC Bank ($65K) on my apartment in Washington, DC. I lost my job in 2010 and moved to Illinois to help care for my elderly parents (I’m in my mid 50’s), I am behind on both payments now 7 months. Foreclosure is ... Read More »

      I’m Going for a Short Sale. I’ve Jumped Off My Fiscal Cliff. – Linda

      flying girl

      “Dear Steve, I very unexpectedly have been out of work for eight months now. I am unable to make the mortgage payments on a house with interest rate of 6.625%. The mortgage company, a very large Federal Credit Union has refused to refinance–per their VP, they never benefited from TARP and are not required to refinance. I could make the ... Read More »

        Short Sale on My Home With Two Mortgages Shows Two Different Dates. – Sunny

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, Short sale of home which had 2 mortgages, credit report shows different dates. Closing date for the Short sale was 12/09, 2nd released mortgage on 01/10 but the 1st release mortgage shows 05/10. After further review of Court documents the dates match with the Release filing the 2 banks completed. Now I’m trying to get new mortage but ... Read More »

          What is the Best Way to Stay in Our Home; Foreclosure or Short Sale? – Marc

          “Dear Andy, We (my wife and I) have been in our home for 7 years. We are current on our payments on both our first Loan of +/- $370k (5 year ARM tied to LIBOR) and our Second loan of +/- $75k with Citibank. We paid $499k for our home with only $15k down. Our home lists on ZILLOW (as ... Read More »

            How Can We Get Our Short Sale Approved Fast? – Mary

            “Dear Andy, I bought my house 5 years ago at the peak of the housing market and live in MD. I have a NC interest only 10/1 ARM and have been unsuccessful at refinancing or any loan modification over the last 2 years. My husband has an opportunity to attend a PHD program in FL in the fall, so that ... Read More »

              Can We Do a Short Sale If There Are Four of Us on the Note? – Haydie

              Ready to Collapse

              My daughter owns a property. She owes $450.00 There are 4 of us in the deed. Only my daughter & my husband are in the mortgage. However, my daughter changed to a new job taking a drastic cut. My husband is laidoff. My daughter’s husband is also laidoff. I have been on permanent disability since 1996. We would like to ... Read More »

                Forgiven Debt from Mortgages May Soon be Taxed Again as Income Unless Congress Acts

                Ready to Collapse

                by Lois Beckett ProPublica You bought your house when the market was high and then lost your job. In order to avoid foreclosure, you negotiated a short sale for half of what you paid, ruining your credit rating for years and draining your bank account. But there is a tiny silver lining: Thanks to a 2007 law, you don’t have ... Read More »

                  We Are Trying to Buy a House With a Short Sale But It’s Going Nowhere. – Joy

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                  “Dear Andy, We are buyers. We have placed more than two offers on a short sale. First time, we were apparently out-bidded. Second, house was taken off market, then placed on active status and our #2 offer was put through with the Sellers paperwork to the bank. It was “accepted”. Offer made in October of last year. It is now ... Read More »

                    My Ex-Husband Wants to Give Me the House. He Can’t Afford the Payments. – Kelly

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, Ex and I divorced last year. I left him the house but the judge did tell us the decree did not relieve me of the mortgage responsibility. Unfortunately he was not able to refi because of his current income. Called me last week to ask if I’d like the house back because he cannot afford it any longer ... Read More »

                      I’m Separating From My Husband, Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Want to Do a Short Sale. – Tina

                      “Dear Andy, Originally purchased house in 1999 for 162,500. We have refinanced about three times over the years to help pay for some credit card repayment and also home improvement. The cost of refinancing has added about $10K on average each time, with the last re-fi adding on $20K (special loan because of PMI issues). (The last re-fi was done ... Read More »

                        Should I Do a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure or Short Sale With Bank of America? – Pat

                        “Dear Andy, We originally had Countrywide Mortgage provider 2005 ( a fannie mae loan), we were then one day just notified that our new mortgage holder was Bank of America. We have been paying a PMI of around $220.00. In September of last year we filed for a short sale and were approvedin Feb, three months later now they say ... Read More »

                          I Have Stress and Cancer. I’m Also Struggling to Get Out From My Wells Fargo Mortgage. – Tarah

                          “Dear Andy, I bought my house 4 years ago. My value has dropped over 100K. I live Maryland. My mortgage is Non-Conforming. I have attempted to refinances 2 and denied because of my appraisal. I also attempted to get a modification 2 times and the investor denied it both times. I am current on my payment, but starting to wonder ... Read More »

                            Short Sale – How Long Does This Short Sale Process Take? – Mandy

                            “Dear Andy, My husband and I made the decision to do a short sale on our home so that I could be closer to my employer. We began this “situation” over 6 months ago and still have not closed!!!!!! My Realtor has missed deadlines, asked me to pay more money, etc. Am I able to take any of the 32,000 ... Read More »

                              We Tried to Sell Our House With a Short Sale But It Never Sold. Should We Let it Go to Foreclosure? – JoAnn

                              “Dear Andy, We have been in a bad mortgage for 7 years now where you only pay part of the interest and the rest gets tacked onto the principal well, we took the loan out for 347,000 but now owe 460,000. which the house isn’t even worth. For 4 years now we have been trying to get a mortification and ... Read More »

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