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My Car Was Repossessed, My Wages are Garnished and I’m Not Sure if Bankruptcy is Right for Me. – Nancy

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“Dear Steve, I have gotten myself into some serious financial problems. While I know that mine is not as bad as some I am behind on every bill and my car was repossessed last night. I am a single mother to 3 girls and I yes I do have a full time job. My husband passed away in 2003 so ... Read More »

    I’m a Single Mother of Four. What is the Best Way Out of Debt? – Dawn

    mother and son

    “Dear Steve, I am a single mom of 4. I recently went through a divorce in which my former husband incurred alot of credit card debt – to the tune of $76,000. While the credit is not all mine, it is all in my name and legally I am responsible. My montly net income is approximately $5800. I have been ... Read More »

      Single Mom Struggling to Make Ends Meet and Paying Off Debt. – Sam


      “Dear Steve, I have 3 credit cards and an auto loan. One card was recently paid in full after being delinquent for a year. The 2nd one I have made payment arrangements with and will be paid in full as soon as my tax return is received. The 3rd and highest balance (approx $7000 with Wells Fargo), I have payment ... Read More »

        I’m a Single Mother Stuck in Debt. I’m Stressed, Apprehensive, and Worried.

        single mom

        “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I am a 35 year old single mother, who has about $15,xxx.xx in credit card debt. I’ve been robbing Peter to pay Paul, and need a smart way out. Can you please give me insight, as to how I can get out of debt, without using a debt consolidating company? I’ve been considering using one of ... Read More »

          I’m a Single Mom and Pregnant With My Second Child. Need Financial Advice. – Melody

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          I’m a single mom and currently pregnant with my second I had to put my traffic fines and student loan aside because I am not working and untill I can start a new job I only have 300$ a month from assitance to pay anything they suspended my licence also… Can I work with these people to bring down my ... Read More »

            Single Mother, No Help, Trying to Make Ends Meet. – Jennifer

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            “Dear Steve, I am a 36 year old single mother of 1. By single, I mean no dad to even help with child expenses. I work FT and contribute 4% to my company’s 401k which is matched 100%. My monthly mortgage is 52% of my take home and I’m currently looking at refinancing from the 5.25% interest rate I currently ... Read More »

              Divorced, Single Mom, and Being Sued by Chase. What Should I Do? – Ellen

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              I divorced about 5 years ago and moved with my work. I am a single mom. I lost my job 2 years ago, used up all my savings. I also accumulated a lot of credit card debt. I work and make just enough to pay the basics. I am being sued by Chase and know I need to answer in ... Read More »

                I’ve Just Been Sued. How Do I Get Out of My Debt Settlement Program? – Heidi

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                Beginning to go through a divorce and I have a two year old son. We share custody of him. Last year my job was cut from full-time to part-time. Down to three days a week. I have be working odd jobs and retail to supplement. With money scarce I entered into a debt settlement program. I have been in it ... Read More »

                  I’m a Young Single Mother, Buried in Debt and Student Loans. What Do I Do? – Lea

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                  “Dear Steve, 25 year old single mom, about $12,000 in consumer debt. also with about $60,000 in student loans. as is the usual story, i started using credit cards while i was in college and spent more than i earned. i had an unplanned pregnancy about a year and a half ago, right after starting a new job. with very ... Read More »

                    Trisha is a Single Mom, Separated, and Facing Bankruptcy. What Should She Do?

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                    Trisha “Dear Steve, I am a single mom and heavily in debt. I was living with my husband (we are legally separated) because of finances but recently I moved out. I am not behind on my payments at this time because I didn’t have to pay rent, utilities, etc. It is only a matter of time before I can’t make ... Read More »

                      Pam and Her Daughter Are Sleeping On The Floor

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                      “Dear Steve, I am a single mom, my daughter is 17 and trying to get a job, but even for her it’s hard. I have a couple of credits cards that I just can’t pay. My priorities are rent first, then car payment, utilities, then food, gas. I am still married but I can’t go to my husband for help, ... Read More »

                        I Got Divorced And Can’t Afford to Live. – Rhauny

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                        Rhauny “Dear Steve, I got divorced and now live on one income of 1600.00 monthly my car payment is $556.00 A MONTH and my rent is 550.00 leaving me roughly 500.00 to pay for childrens school lunches lights phone car insurance food etc. I am falling apart because of the car and I owe 35,000.00 for 84 months. I dont ... Read More »

                          Pam Is Out Of Cash And Out Of Time

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                          “Dear Steve, I am no longer making ends meet. I have my daughters Sallie Mae $20,000 loan payments starting in one month, I can only afford to put little bits of gas in my car at a time, I have a $5,000 car loan and about $12,000 in credit cards. I have not bought anything that I did not need ... Read More »

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