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Should I Take Money Out of My IRA and Use it to Pay Off Debt? – Dan

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“Dear Steve, Ok, here goes. I have spent the past many years (decades) coming and going from home; being away so much I never paid much attention to the bills. Recently I changed jobs and noticed my wife stressed out, upon investigation, discovered we owe $109,000 to credit cards. We almost own (still have a mortgage for six more years) ... Read More »

I Want to Use My Tax Refund to Pay Down My Debt. – Laurie

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“Dear Steve, Okay you asked, I have my five credit cards($850), ($120), ($140), ($870), ($550) an overdraft, gas card, timeshare, 2 car loans and a mortgage. I also have to pay my property taxes for my home($1050) and the time share($883). I want to knock out 2 cards one both under $150, and try to pay down my overdraft($1200) and ... Read More »

Judy Is Worried “Should I Save or Pay Off Credit Card?”

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Judy “Dear Steve, Should I save the amount after paying off a credit card debt or pay down another. Help please. Judy”   Dear Judy, You asked a great question and one that seems easy but has different valid and possible answers. If you are digging yourself out of a debt hole the initial knee jerk reaction is to devote ... Read More »

How Much Should I Put Monthly Toward My Credit Cards? – Sangeeta

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Sangetta “Dear Steve, I’m trying to figure out how much I should put monthly toward each of my credit cards. I’m using this calculator from CNN.com. The problem is that I have a 0% interest on a few cards that expire in a few more months, and that calculator does not take that into account. Should I still pay the ... Read More »

I’m 24 and About $20,000 in Debt Plus I Try Real Hard to Pay Them. – Andrew

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Andrew “Dear Steve, I’m 24 and about $20,000 in debt plus i try real hard to pay them but i don’t make alot of money and the credit card people don’t care they just what money, money and more money Plz help i would like to get out of debt or get it real down Sam”   Dear Sam, There ... Read More »

Robert Wrote “I Do Not Know Where To Start Other Than I Am in Debt”

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“Dear Steve, I do not know where to start other that I’m in debt. I want to pay all of my credit card debt starting with my lowest and working my way to the last but I can not accomplish this while I’m paying everyone and can not make any headway. Can I just send something to the others and ... Read More »

Rita Asks “Should We Consolidate Our Debt?”

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Rita “Dear Steve, I want to pay my credit cards off. I will like to consolidate them. We are $39,000.00 in debt. HELP What should I do? Rita”   Dear Rita, Thank you for writing to me for help. Debt consolidation is often the first and only solution that comes to mind when people what to get out of debt. ... Read More »

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