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Tell Me How to Stop the Social Security Garnishment for Student Loans

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“Dear Steve, My husband receives social security disability and his monthly check is being garnished for student loans. I am unemployed and my husband receives $1,013 per month in disability. Of this amount $30 is withheld for repayment of an overpayment from his initial payment from social security and $150 is being withheld for his student loans, which began in ... Read More »

Social Security is Garnishing My Benefits for an Old SBA Loan. What Can I Do? – Berhan

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“Dear Steve, I will turn 70 in 45 days. After I lost my business and employment I am leaving on a fixed income that I draw from SS and my wife’s earnings. My company defaulted on $48,000 SBA loan that I am a guarantor. My social security payment has been deduced By 15% ($225.30 per month) to pay the SBA ... Read More »

More Getting Social Security Benefits Garnished for Student Loans

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The student loan indebtedness problem continues to grow in exponential ways. Forget about the noose of debt from private student loans for now. Let’s focus on the frightening loss of needed Social Security benefits from people now eligible for Social Security but with delinquent student loans. It used to be that the wisdom was Social Security benefits can’t be garnished ... Read More »

Can Student Loans Garnish Both My Wages and Social Security at the Same Time? – Ross

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“Dear Steve, Student loans totalling approx. $24,000 defaulted in 1993 and wages were garnished. I left that employer and tax return overpayments were taken. I am now 62yrs old and working part time for a large do it yourself retailer. After I started, more than a year ago, my wages were garnished at 15%. I recently resigned and was rehired ... Read More »

Can My Social Security Be Garnished for Student Loans if it is Already Being Garnished? – Deborah

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I am a 51 yr old mom of a 9 year old and live with my disabled (no income yet) fiance. I drew Social Security Disability for years & worked my way off of it. I reported to SS that I had returned to work and assumed they would let me know when I was close to making too much ... Read More »

The Garnishment of My Mother’s Social Security for the Student Loan Just Stopped. – Erin

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“Dear Steve, I’m wondering if anyone in your organization has knowledge of a process change regarding student loan/social security garnishment. My elderly mother lives off of her social security income and for the past few years it has been garnished for repayment on a student loan she co-signed for my brother about 20 yrs. ago. Two days ago she was ... Read More »

Can My Social Security Check be Garnished for Student Loan Payments? – Sherry

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“Dear Steve, I am 70 years old and live on Social Security. I have a small student loan that is very difficult if even possible to make. Can my Social Security Check be attached for the payments? Sherry” Dear Sherry, If it is a government backed student loan then yes, your social security check can be garnished. Please update me ... Read More »

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