How Can I Stop a Social Security Garnishment After it Stared?

Question: Dear Steve, I receive ss disability due to having brain tumors. They are benign. But I have had to full brain surgeries & one round of radiation & I still have the tumors. I read your article about stopping the garnishment on social security checks & how it should be done when you get … Read more

What Will President Trump Do to Privatize and Gut Social Security? – Debbie

Question: Dear Steve, It was so nice to read your comments about how Trump may handle student loan debt. Could you please write something similar about how Trump, and also the Republicans in the House and Senate, will Change social security? Will they privatize social security? Can you discuss Trump’s/the Republican’s changes and cuts/privatization of … Read more

Survey Discovers One-Third Of Seniors Depend Entirely on Social Security

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) August 20, 2015 One out of three Social Security recipients, about 31 percent, say they rely entirely on Social Security for all of their income, according to a new survey from The Senior Citizens League(TSCL). With Social Security benefits averaging $1,220 per month, this means an estimated 19 million retirees are living … Read more

Majority of Older Americans Say Social Security Benefits Not Keeping Up

TSCL Chairman Edward Cates “The promise of Social Security to help retirees live more comfortably in retirement — is in danger,” says TSCL Chairman Ed Cates. Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) August 05, 2015 Social Security benefits are not keeping pace with rising household budgets, according to the majority of retirees participating in a new survey by … Read more

Consumer advisory: Your benefits are protected from garnishment

May 13 2015 By Nora Dowd Eisenhower and Holly Petraeus Older Americans, like many of their younger counterparts, increasingly have debts in collection. Over one-third of the complaints that older consumers submit to us are related to debt collection. In some of these complaints, consumers told us that debt collectors threatened to garnish their benefits … Read more

3 Ways to Protect Your Social Security Number From ID Theft

Of all the types of personal information that could put you at risk for identity theft when in the wrong hands, your Social Security number is the most vulnerable. As the most common way the government, doctor’s offices and creditors can identity you, your Social Security number is necessary to apply for new credit and other benefits. … Read more

Most Difficult Cost In Retirement? Retirees Evenly Split Between…

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) March 04, 2015 A new poll by The Senior Citizens League had surprising results. When asked —“What retirement cost is hardest for you to cover?” — just as many respondents said healthcare and prescription costs were most difficult, 40% — as those who said housing, heat and utilities, another 40%. Sixteen percent … Read more

Will My Social Security Be Garnished for My Student Loans? – Ruth

“Dear Steve, After graduating from college with approximately $150,000 in student loan debt I worked in my field for 9 years all the while faithfully paying about 50% of my income to repay my student loan debt. After 9 years I found myself unemployed and then underemployed. I am currently repaying on an income-based plan. … Read more