My Husband Died and I Can’t Get Out of The Spousal Consolidation Loan

Question: Hi Steve, I have been attempting to get my joint consolidation loan split since my divorce in 2005. At that time, I was told by my lender and servicer that it would be impossible to split the loans. However, in 2015 my ex passed away and after submitting the death certificate, the Department of … Read more

Why Am I Trapped With My Ex-Husband in This Damn Spousal Consolidation Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, During a marriage, my then-husband and I took out several student loans. Our school tuition/books/etc. were paid by our employer, the money was used for living expenses. We did a spousal consolidation loan a few years after that. We then divorced and the loan was never dealt with in divorce court as … Read more

Why am I Stuck With the Spousal Consolidation Loan When My Ex-Spouse Went Missing?

Question: Dear Steve, Spouse consolidation student loan. We divorced and I look into my credit I found this amazing surprise. What are my options as for repayment, loan forgiveness? I currently can’t afford to make any payments due to my income and I don’t qualify for deferment since ex-spouse is missing in action. Marie Answer: … Read more

We Have a Martial Consolidation Student Loan and Payments Keep Going Up

Question: Dear Steve, My husband and I were encouraged to do a marital consolidation in the 2000’s. We are still married but can barely make our $800+ loan payment. Years ago we were about to default so they put us in a Program to prevent it that ended up doubling what we originally owed and … Read more

My Ex Doesn’t Bother to Make Student Loan Payments After the Divorce – Bethann

Question: Dear Steve, Navient. Parent Plus Loan from 2 children- 4 yrs of school. started at 85K and is now at 122K! What are all these capitalized interest large amount added on in history? I acquired a parents plus loan of 85K from 2006. It was consolidated with my SSN and my ex husband’s SSN. … Read more

Can My Part of a Spousal Consolidation Student Loan be Discharged Due to Disability?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m being denied a disability discharge even though I had an illness nine years ago that caused me brain damage. There is no dispute about my inability to work. The problem stems from a spousal consolidation data error. Before I got sick, my husband and I got a spousal consolidation for which … Read more

Am I Stuck With My Ex-Wife Forever Because of Our Old Spousal Consolidation Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, I share $67k in Navient student loans with my ex-wife. My decreed portion is around $35k. Since our FFEL consolidation in 2001, I have paid it for 12-13 years. It has been on deferment the rest of the time. I applied for PSLF through Navient. I will not qualify with her income. … Read more

Why Won’t Anyone Let Us Consolidate Our Spousal Consolidation Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, FFEL Spousal Student Consolidation Loan taken out in 2002, with Sallie Mae (now Nelnet). We are still married, however both work in public service, and could potentially benefit from the PSLF program. However, we have been told by Direct Loans that we cannot re-consolidate the spousal consolidation loan (which is comprised of … Read more

It’s Unfair We Can’t Consolidate Our Spousal Consolidation Loan

Question: Dear Steve, I am in the same sinking ship (spousal consolidation); however, my wife and I are still together. We are both working for qualified organizations for the Student Loan Forgiveness Program, but AES and DOE will not approve it…Help!!! I really need help with this. I don’t want to avoid payments or the … Read more

How Can My Husband Get Out of a Spousal Consolidation Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, My husband of 19 years was married previously. He and his ex-wife each had a student loan that she combined into one under her SSI#. These loans are from the 1990’s. When he and I married the loan servicer, Sallie Mae, would not split the loan and so payments were sent in … Read more

Bankruptcy Court Wants to Discharge Spousal Consolidation Student Loans. Educational Credit Management Corporation Says, “Not So Fast.”

I have to admit I am totally perplexed by the media and popular myths that believe student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Even a lot of bankruptcy attorneys believe this wildfire myth. Thanks to some amazing readers and tipsters I’ve just received a collection of cases where the consumer managed to have their student … Read more