I’m Disabled and Being Sued About Past Due Credit Card Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I am being sued over a $2600 debt with CC company. I am fully disabled. My income comes from two sources, SSDI and private disability insurance. I know that SSDI is not garnishable, however, it’s unclear whether my private disability insurance is garnishable. Wisconsin statues regarding this matter at best are extremely … Read more

We Are Living on Social Security and Disability And Can’t Pay Our Bills

Question: Dear Steve, Between myself and my partner of 11 years we are in debt about 20K. I am undecided as to whether I should file for chapter 7 , or a debt relief company. We are both collecting ssi for my partner and myself ssdi. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cindy Answer: Dear … Read more

MY SSDI payment is About to be Garnished Over a Federal Student Loan

Question: Dear Steve, I lost my job and was unemployed in 2013. At the time, Sallie Mae and Nelnet were my student loan servicers. I applied for and was granted deferment or forbearance and had to submit my paperwork in triplicate because Sallie Mae has my loan in two bundles (of loans). I tried to … Read more

LTD Insurance Wants Even More Money Out of Me Now – Albert

Question: Dear Steve, Initially LTD insurance company (Prudential) sent me an invoice for a claim overpayment of $19,767.00 once I received social security disability. I knew I owed that and immediately paid it via check. They mailed me a receipt that says, “We have received your check . . . the overpayment on this claim … Read more

I’m on SSDI. Can you guess what 99.999% of my bills are from? – B

Male: 54 yrs. old Health: Poor Bill Collectors: Yes, yes, and more yes. In 1994 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Now before everybody jumps the gun and immediatly, even some doctors do, I did not experiment with intraveinous drugs coming up the ranks. I will admit that like a high percentage of people my … Read more

Now That I’m on Social Security Disability Can I Stop Paying My Judgment? – Wendy

“Dear Steve, Have been paying monthly credit card judgment for couple of years now, even though on long-term disability from work for most of that time. Recently, I was awarded Social Security Disability. My question is: Am I judgment proof now and can stop paying this credit card debt? Every penny is going to count. … Read more

I’m Living on Social Security Disability SSD and Getting Sued for a Discover Card. – M

“Dear Steve, Hello. basic history is that I have been working for years in a well paying job as well as my husband having a job. 3 years ago I got sick and became disabled couldn’t go back to work with no income coming in at all for me my husbands income was all we … Read more