I’m Disabled and Losing Everything. I Need Help.

Question: Dear Steve, I’m on disability and losing everything I have. So any little thing I’m grateful for. Can you help me? Jimmy Answer: Dear Jimmy, I sat here looking at your question, frustrated by so little information to go by. Typically I’d skip past a question like this, but the longer I sat here … Read more

I Was on SSI When I Took Out Debt and I Just Got Sued for It. – June

“Dear Steve, I have credit card debt, student loan debt, and other personal debt. I just started working full time in August 2011 with an pay increase in April 2012 and I have a credit card company taking me to court already. Trial date is June 13, 2013. I also still recieve SSI disibility and … Read more

My Mom is On SSI and Accredited Debt Relief is Selling Her Debt Settlement. – Molly

“Dear Steve, My mom is 63 years old and was recently divorced and left with all the marriage debt. She has a discover card in her name (15k) and medical bills (4K). She is on a fixed income (SSI) and paying her monthly minimum it will take 15 plus years to pay it off. Is … Read more

I’m Struggling with Stress and Can’t Afford All My Bills. Should I Apply for SSI? – Lauren

“Dear Steve, I am unemployed 26 years old with a bachelor’s degree I cannot use in my area. I have been under mental stress lately by going in and out of hospitals and cannot seem to bring myself to paying bills. I have been told to file an SSI claim but does that have certain … Read more

Husband is Disabled on SSI and I Can Only Find Temp Jobs. – Nancy

“Dear Steve, I lost my permanent job 2 years ago, been temping ever since. (Just can’t seem to nab a perm job.) Husband is on SSI Disability. The temp job pays nowhere near what I was making as an employee, and altho hubby’s disability helps, we don’t have a heck of a lot of $$ … Read more

I’m on SSI. Should I Stop Paying My Bills to File Bankruptcy? – John

“Dear Mitch, I am a 46 year old male. I am on SSI disability. After paying all my monthly bills I am only left with $50.00 for food, gas and prescriptions. The only things I own are a motorcycle and car. I do not have savings so I can not pay a attorney to file … Read more

Adult Baby Continues To Receive Social Security Benefits – Fraud Allegations Dropped

Stanley Thornton, Jr. was featured, not too long ago, on an episode of National Geographic’s television show, “Taboo” where his life of living as an Adult Baby was showcased. When I first came across this news story I immediately thought of an episode of CSI I had seen once of an adult man living his … Read more

I’m Disabled, On SSI, and Capital One is Suing Me. – Patrisha

“Dear Steve, Capital one is sueing me for a dept. They want $880 which is the intrest rate, i don’t owe that. My minnim was $500. I go to trial September 15th i was with capitalone for almost 2 years, i just didn’t have enought to pay them, when i signed up i put down … Read more

Would Filing for Bankruptcy Hurt My Ability to Qualify for SSI? – Ave

“Dear Lewis, $22K credit card debt-making payments on time $3K hospital debt-not making payments, in collections $320K mortgage-$2K monthly payments – making on time Unemployed and filing for SSI due to hand injuries that are growing worse as I age, rendering me in pain all the time & unemployable. Spoke with Fast Track debt relief, … Read more

The IRS is Taking Money Out of My SSI Payments. – Barbara

“Dear Jim, The IRS is taking money out of my SSI after I sent in the form to the collection agency that is is “supposedely” handling this case. They are G.C. Services out of TN. and I have another case with case citibannk but fortunately they are are still processing it. What can I do … Read more

Creditors Taking My Daughters SSI Money to Satisfy My Debt. – Angella

“Dear Steve, I have two court judgments against me. I have tried to negotiate with the law firms, but am getting nowhere. One firm has taken money from my daughter’s savings account. It contains the money she gets from SSI, which I know is suppose to be exempt. What can I do? Also, what can … Read more

I Got My Wages Garnished for an SSI Overpayment. Help! – Fran

“Dear Steve, 63 years old got an overpayment in 2000 and 2001 from social security SSI. I paid them 10$ for 5 or 6 years and then stopped. I got a notice 3/7 that my wages were garnished. I called HR at work and they said, ‘sure, we got notified last week sometime.’ I make … Read more

My Partner Just Filed for Bankruptcy to Discharge His Debt. – Norman

“Dear Steve, I read most of the questions posed to you by others and most apply to me. I have a 38K unsecured debt plus personal loans (one of which is my sister’s credit card10k). My partner just filed for bankruptcy to discharge his debt but keep our mortgages (to keep the home) and car … Read more

Wife Wants to Declare Bankruptcy But I’m Ashamed to Do It. – David

“Dear Steve, I was laid-off 4 months ago and have been unable to get a job so far. I’m 63, no savings, no retirement. Before i was laid-off we had difficulty meeting our financial obligations. We had asked 2 of our credit cards for hardship help; they closed our accounts, lowered interest rate and payment. … Read more