I Went to St. George’s University, Got Bad Information and I’m Deep in Debt

Question: Dear Steve, $568,000 in student loan debt between undergraduate and medical school. I went to St George’s University a massive for-profit medical school in Grenada. The education was fine, but the cost of attending was extremely misleading, and I was told I could do my clinicals in Connecticut (my home state), which would have …

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I Think My St. George University Private Student Loans From Richland State Bank May Be Dischargeable in Bankruptcy

Question: Dear Steve, At 58 yrs old I went back to school, attended St George’s University school of Veterinary Medicine 2002-2006, 16 private loans, filed bankruptcy 10/2009, discharged in 1/4/2010. Did not know about adversary proceeding at the time. Currently, I have a civil suit against me to collect on debt. They filed the suit …

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