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I Owe Rogers Telecom in Canada. How Many Years Can They Sue Us? – Ellie

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“Dear Steve, We had Roger’s Telecom for our home, computer, and cell phone. Roger’s could never get our contract straight so we opt out to Bell Canada. Now Roger’s is coming after us for the bill after 4 years. We have been sworn at to the point a Roger’s employee told us to pay the Fuc-en Bill. Then they Roger’s ... Read More »

I Have a Question About My Girlfriend’s Statute of Limitations and Her Gateway Computer. – Brian

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“Dear Steve, This is my girlfriends past debt. Back in 2000-2001 her then boyfriend bought a gateway computer from Gateway for about 3000$ in the state of Arizona. In 2002 she moved to Idaho. Last payment was made in 2003. No further action was taken on her part to resolve this debt. There is now a collection company called Asset ... Read More »

CACH, LLC is Suing Me for a Debt That is 11 Years Old. – Sharon

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“Dear Steve, Old debt…MBNA…six companies want me to pay them (different collection agencies)…1998 CACH, LLC has court date for me Sept. 15th…I have a box of proof of what I tried to do…but I am scared to death of going into court… What do I do…for 11 years this has made grow older faster because of lack of sleep, stress…Help ... Read More »

They Say I Owe Magnolia Hospital a Debt From Twelve Years Ago. – Shelley

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Shelley “Dear Steve, I received a letter today (6/3/2009) supposedly from an attorney in Mississippi. I live in Tennessee. The letter says that I owe Magnolia Hospital $642.59 from 1/1997. It says that the amount is plus interest. This was 12 1/2 years ago. I was certain that this bill was paid following the birth of my child. I would ... Read More »

Denise Can’t Find CACH, LLC And It is Holding Up Refinancing Her Home

Denise “Dear Steve, I have judgment against me placed a company called CACH LLC. I cannot contact them or the attorney that placed the judgment. In midst of refinancing home to pay off judgment. Lawyer says I need a pay off amount. How can I get a pay off amount if I can’t get a hold of them? What if ... Read More »

Do I Still Owe This Debt? – Celeste

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Celeste “Dear Steve, I have a collection agency trying to sue me for a debt that I accrued over 4 years ago. I would like to know if I still have to pay them even though they have not sent me any paper work showing validation of the debt, statute of limitations and if they are the original credit, which ... Read More »

The American Consumers Nuclear Winter

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With so little time before the next presidential election it is a good time to take a quick look at some important issues that are impacting the wallets and purses of the American consumer. Under the Bush administration consumers were significantly harmed by unreasonable and unfair bankruptcy reforms that clearly helped big business, hurt consumers and only made bankruptcy more ... Read More »

I Have a Zombie Debt. I Paid a Debt Off That They Want to Collect On Again. – Dawne

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Dawne “Dear Steve, I was contacted recently about a debt that I had three years ago. I paid some on it according to the debt collector but I thought I had paid all of it because for the past three years I have not had any contact from them at all. I saw something about statue of limitations and was ... Read More »

Guess What You Might Not Owe? Your Mortgage!

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Under the universal law of what you least expect, it appears that the rabid feeding frenzy of banks to initiate loads of subprime mortgages resulted in sloppy loans and sloppy documentation. Bankruptcy judges, foreclosure courts and lawyers are now getting a bit wiser to the trailing mess created as banks sold and resold pools of securitized mortgages. It appears that ... Read More »

Statute of Limitations and Time-Barred Debts: State Information

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“Time-barred” debts are debts so old they are beyond the point at which a creditor or debt collector may sue you to collect. This is often referred to as debts that are beyond the statute of limitations. State law varies as to when a creditor or debt collector may no longer sue to collect: in most states, the statute of ... Read More »

I Found I Owe an Old Medical Bill. What Can Credit Collectors do to Me? – Mark

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“Dear Steve, I am trying to clean up my credit. I found that I owe a medical bill from 2003. What can credit collectors do to me? I thought that these end after a number of years. Mark”   Dear Mark, My first reaction is that if you owe the bill and you can afford to pay it, pay it. ... Read More »

I’m a Twenty-Something Guy Who Has Made Some Really Poor Financial Choices. – Mike

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“Dear Steve, I’m a twenty-something guy who has made some really poor choices financially in recent years (I’m sure you’ve heard that before…). About a year ago I consolidated several different credit cards into one extremely large account. This past spring, due to several different financial constraints, the minimum payment on that account became impossible for me to meet. I ... Read More »

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