Is the Dave Green With Jeff Sekinger the Same One You Wrote About?

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Question: Dear Steve, Was planning to join Jeff Sekinger’s course/group but first had a phone interview with Dave Green to see if I would be a good fit. At the end, the price was $9,800 to join, after he couldn’t get me to say yes he finally offered $7,500. Is this the same Dave Green … Read more

FTC Returns More than $3.1 Million to Victims of Student Loan Debt Relief and Credit Repair Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing checks totaling more than $3.1 million to consumers who were victims of a student loan debt relief and credit repair scheme.   Strategic Student Solutions (also doing business under other names) and its owner, Dave Green, settled FTC allegations that they charged consumers illegal upfront fees and falsely promised … Read more

FTC Details on Student Loan Assistance Companies Sweeps and Raids

The Federal Trade Commission, along with 11 states and the District of Columbia, today announced “Operation Game of Loans,” the first coordinated federal-state law enforcement initiative targeting deceptive student loan debt relief scams. This nationwide crackdown encompasses 36 actions by the FTC and state attorneys general against scammers alleged to have used deception and false … Read more

Dave Green and Strategic Student Solutions Not Making Friends With Their Attorneys or FTC

For those who may have used a company named Strategic Student Solutions, you may already be aware the company and affiliated companies were shuttered by the Federal Trade Commission for a bunch of bad alleged behavior. The court documents in this case might as well be a second rate cable network movie script. Dave Green … Read more

Student Loan Scam Gets an F From the FTC

The costs of student loans and fees can be overwhelming. You might see online ads that promise to help lower your payments or get your loans forgiven. But be wary of companies that make those promises, and never pay an upfront fee. Today, the FTC announced it had filed charges against Strategic Student Solutions, Student … Read more

Dave Green and Strategic Student Solutions Get a Knock at the Door From the FTC

Last year a reader asked me about a company called Strategic Student Solution, see I Signed Up With Strategic Student Solutions and I’m Concerned. In that post I raised a number of issues and observations after reviewing the client agreement. Well it seems those concerns had some merit. Today the FTC has announced a suit … Read more

Strategic Student Solutions – Consumer Complaint – November 2, 2016

Consumer Statement: I went with strategic student solutions back in September 2014 and canceled them before a year . They told me a complete lie! Telling me the amount set I pay each month will be applied to my loan. So when I called to see how much I owed, higher then my previous loan. … Read more

I Signed Up With Strategic Student Solutions and I’m Concerned

Question: Dear Steve, I saw a post online about a Student Loan Relief Program that appeared to be a screenshot of Michelle Obama endorsing it on her Twitter page. In a haste, I called the number without actually verifying that she ever posted it on her timeline. I got an answer and proceeded to give … Read more