Video Busts Strawman Myth and Conspiracy About Bogus Treasury Direct Accounts

Michael Bovee published a great video that helps to explain the series of legal and financial conspiracy theories people believe in regarding the strawman beliefs, Treasury Direct Accounts, Federal Reserve Accounts, etc. The video helps to explain why these imaginary payments bounce. The video helps to explain why the all caps name, your personal commerce … Read more

Debt Relief Scammer, Sovereign Citizen Unto Himself, Headed to Jail. TN Attorney Fell for His Debt Renegotiation Scheme.

A Tennessee businessman, Charles McKuhn, Jr. was found guilty of scamming consumers and churches out of advanced fees for debt reduction, debt consolidation and foreclosure prevention services. McKuhn had claimed his company Taurian Worldwide, Inc. (TWI) has some arrangement to use government bailout dollars to assist people in financial trouble. He also continued his ruse … Read more