I Enrolled Into Westwood College Online for a Career in Criminal Justice. – Matthew

“Dear Steve, In 2007 I enrolled into Westwood College Online for a career in Criminal Justice. I got approved for like $6000 through the school $150/ month while attending the school, plus a Sallie Mae loan for like $7000 which I believe its a loan I must pay back after I graduate. Due to the … Read more

What is the Smartest Way to Get In Debt? – Joie

“Dear Steve, I am 100% debt free. No mortgage. No car payment. Nothing owed on credit cards. No student loans, even though I have a four year BFA from a reputable school. I’ve got less than $10k in savings but it’s growing. I make approximately $29k a year. I even have money in a growing … Read more

Is Obama Really Writing Off Student Loans? – Cristina

“Dear Steve, Thank you for your help. I think it’s great what you are doing! I received a phone call from Sallie Mae today that my student loans are due for re-payment. I always thought that I would be paying about $300.00 a month, but it’s actually $732.53. I am currently unemployed. But, private loans, … Read more

My Medical School Debt is Killing Me. – Lorraine

“Dear Steve, I recently read about a medical student who was seven years post grad, and her student debt ballooned from 250,000 to >550,000. I am currently a medical student paying the max of what is available as I attend a private, expensive school. I tried to avoid this in advance, but was not accepted … Read more

I’m a Teacher And Wonder if I Can Get My Student Loans Reduced for Teaching in a Title 1 School. – Victoria

“Dear Steve, I have been teaching at the same Title 1 school for more than 10 years. Both before and after October 30, 2004 (the date indicated in the forgiveness details), I have completed at least 5 years of teaching. About $70,000 of Stafford Loan debt has accrued because of enrollment in a Master’s and … Read more

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program

“Dear Steve, I have a high student loan debt at 8%. Part of it is unsubsidized. I have heard talk of a new plan by the Obama administration to forgive student loan debt. How will this new plan be implemented? Who will be able to take advantage of it? Alex” Be sure to read The … Read more

Has the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program Been Approved Yet? – Kelly

“Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I Came across your site by accident and I’m glad I did. I have student loans that are 24years old and in default. Due to hardship and illness over the years I have not been able to pay them. I went to an attorney for free advice and found that school … Read more

Website Offers Helpful Advice for Those Looking for Student Loan Forgiveness

The IBR Info site at www.ibrinfo.org appears to be a good source of information on income based repayment options and student loan forgiveness programs. For those working in public service jobs, the site give you information that can help you to eliminate your student loan debts based on your job.