National Secure Processing / Student Loan Service Managers – Consumer Complaint – January 15, 2018

Consumer Statement: National Secure Processing (dba Student Loan Service Managers) contacted me in May 2014 using information supplied by the US Department of Education. National Secure Processing / SLS Managers told me that they worked hand-in-hand with Department of Education, and that their special relationship with DoE enabled them to dramatically reduce the amount of …

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The Very Odd BBB Statement About Student Loan Service Managers – SLS Managers

A reader just posted a complaint about SLS Managers and in looking up the company address I came across the oddest comment by the BBB about this company. SLS Managers says they are located at 23172 Plaza Pointe #128, Laguna Hills, CA. – Source But the BBB says, “BBB received returned mail from “23172 Plaza …

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Student Loan Service Managers / SLS – Consumer Complaint – November 19, 2014

Consumer Statement: I was contacted by email and phone by SLS Managers(Student Loan Service Managers) offering to consolidate my student loan into one lower monthly payment than my current amount. After a smooth talking sales rep got me to agree to the terms with a brief rundown on the phone explaining how my new payment …

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Student Loan Service Managers Consumer Agreement Review

“Dear Steve, Can you look over this agreement Student Loan Service Managers Sent Me? Anonymous” Dear Anonymous, I’m happy to look over the agreement for you and give you some feedback. Keep in mind I am not a lawyer and can’t provide you with any legal feedback. All I can do is read it like …

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SLS Managers – Consumer Complaint – July 2, 2014

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: “Jeff” told me he could get my payments reduced and a substantial amount of my student loans forgiven because I work for a non-profit organization providing needed services in an underserved area. He said he could do this at no cost. He sent me an email from NSProcessing via DocuSign. I wanted to …

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Student Loan Service Managers, National Secure Processing – Consumer Complaint – May 21, 2013

Consumer Statement: I was contact by a student loan assistance program. My gut told me to just hang up the phone, but my bank account said to hear them out. Unfortunately I listened to my bank account, and like an idiot gave them my information because they could get my student loan payment down to …

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