Is Defaulting on My Old Navient Private Student Loan Debt Even Ethical?

Question: Dear Steve, Some loans moved from Sallie Mae to Navient have become time-barred; 2 loans with my mother as a co-signer remain in good standing. As of July my time-barred / defaulted Navient loans will fall off my credit report. All Federal student loans have been paid. I am the victim of numerous deceptive … Read more

My Student Loan Cosigner Died and I’m Thinking of a Strategic Default

Question: Dear Steve, Currently, I have massive student loan debt, graduated in 2014 and still have $120k in total student loan debt with $55k in private student loans. For my private loans my co-signer passed away two years ago and I am currently looking at strategically defaulting. I have a few questions on private student … Read more

How Do I Strategically Default on My Private Student Loans? – Eric

Question: Dear Steve, I have earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. I paid for it all through a combination of student loans (100%) in undergrad, and grad assistantships (75% in grad school). Here’s the catch. As of right now, I owe $86,000 in private student loans. My payments right now are an astronomical … Read more

How Can My Family Crawl Out from Under Crushing Private Student Loan Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, My two children graduated from college. One attended Pace University and one Fordham University. They both work and pay their student loans to Navient formerly Sallie Mae on time. I have a Parent Plus loan from Navient. Between all of us we have about $250,000 in student loan debt. My husband and … Read more