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How Can I Avoid My Federal Student Loan Wage Garnishment?

Wage Garnishment Concept

Question: Dear Steve, I am 26 with a daughter and a wife and a LOT of student loan debt. I have been paying my private loans on time and am up to date there but until just recently, I was unaware I had a federal loan in default that I was not paying. I failed to make a payment plan ... Read More »

    Will Consolidating My Student Loans Stop My Wage Garnishment?

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    Question: Dear Steve, Recently contacted by consolidation group about consolidating my student loans I also have a wage garnishment on my recent paystub’s from my college institution I was wondering if consolidation would remove that garnishment from my current paystub’s the person I spoke to you about the consolidation told me that that would not remove it but your website ... Read More »

      Is There Any Hope to Stop a Student Loan Wage Garnishment?


      Question: Dear Steve, I’m wanting to know who I can contact so I can come up with a plan to pay back my student loan, being that my tax return was garnished. Is there some type of plan I can try to go into so things don’t get worse for me and who can I contact. On credit report it ... Read More »

        Can I File Bankruptcy on My Federal Student Loans to Stop My Wage Garnishment?

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        “Dear Steve, Wage garnishment has been in effect for almost two years. I was always told that you cannot file bancruptcy on fed student loans…is this true? Currently i am garnished for 25% every two weeks. I no longer can afford my home car etc. Im losing everything. I have filed bankruptcy before and would prefer not to do it ... Read More »

          The Most Overlooked Way to Stop a Federal Student Loan Wage Garnishment

          Stop Countrywide Mortgage Abuse

          “Dear Steve, Student Loan in default. I have been paying my wage garnishment for almost a year. First of all, THANK YOU for being so helpful with these articles. I am trying to find more information on this new law is nearly impossible which I find odd and discouraging. So having your articles to read is so helpful. I wanted ... Read More »

            The Debt Collector Says They Are Going to Garnish My Wages on an Old Student Loan. – Kim

            Student Loan Corkboard Concept

            “Dear Steve, Defaulted student loan; collectors after me; breaking many laws such as harassing me at work etc; no validation notice within 5 days of contact etc. How soon after initial contact from collection agency can they garnish my wages. My angle here is to not panic, do LOTS of research, have my ducks in a row, be smarter than ... Read More »

              More Getting Social Security Benefits Garnished for Student Loans

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              The student loan indebtedness problem continues to grow in exponential ways. Forget about the noose of debt from private student loans for now. Let’s focus on the frightening loss of needed Social Security benefits from people now eligible for Social Security but with delinquent student loans. It used to be that the wisdom was Social Security benefits can’t be garnished ... Read More »

                My 24 Year Old Student Loans are Unmanageable and Ballooned. – JoAnne

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, 24 years ago I left college owing about 9000.00 in student loans. Over the years I was not able to pay and it ballooned to 20,000.00. I have been working the last seven years. For the past five years my wages have been garnished. I have tried to find out who has my loan but have been unable ... Read More »

                  Financial Asset Management Systems is Garnishing My Wages for a Student Loan. – Mima

                  FAMS Studebt Loan Garnishment

                  “Dear Steve, My issue with FAMS/SLM is that I cannot get them to send me any documentation of proof for the debt amount stated on the attached document. I do not deny the student loan I took for my son, but only the additional $8,000. What I find frustrating, is that when I took the loan I was employed at ... Read More »

                    Sallie Mae is Garnishing 15% of My Wages. – Derek

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                    “Dear Steve, I graduated college in 2007 with a mountain of student loans. I had three sets of loans, one large chunk through Sallie Mae amounting to around $52k, and two private loans amounting to about $10k each. I had an agreement with Sallie Mae to defer those loans for a year after they were up for repayment and I ... Read More »

                      I Noticed My Paychecks Were Short. I’ve Been Wage Garnished for a Student Loan. – Becca

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                      “Dear Steve, Recently I noticed my pay checks was short by several hundred dollars each pay period. After talking to payroll I was told and then saw I was being garnished for repayment of a student loan. I have never recieved ANY paperwork either from the DE or my employer. When I have asked my employer for more information they ... Read More »

                        My Wages Were Garnished for a Student Loan Without Taking Me to Court. – Pamela

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                        “Dear Steve, I have a student loan….i went thru the rehab program last year…i couldn’t agree with nco on a set payment of 115.00 a month they said to low…they sent paperwork to my job for garnishment…my question is this the garnishment was sent from ecmc letterhead in re: nco financial for garnishment..i was told by a lawyer (for advise ... Read More »

                          Wage Garnishment Exemptions and Garnish Wages Information By State

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                          If you have questions or concerns about having a garnish of wages this information below will help you to better understand what the wage garnishment laws exemptions are by state. If you have any worries or specific questions about wage garnishment or getting your wages garnished in your state, you need to find an attorney licensed in your state to ... Read More »

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