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Will You Be Sued Over an Unpaid Debt?

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The goal of all creditors is for consumers to repay borrowed money according to the terms and conditions of their original agreement. When a consumer debt fails to be repaid as agreed, creditors must decide the best option to take to recover their loss. At this point, creditors have several options available. They may decide to use an internal or ... Read More »

    Machol & Johannes Are Suing Me Over an Old HSBC Account. What Do I Do? – Steff

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    I was served by a process server yesterday on behalf of Machol & Johannes re: a credit card debt purchased from HSBC Bank. According to my credit reports this account was closed 10/06, last payment made 6/06. I noticed that the summons doesn’t have a case number assigned to it. Am I correct that this account has lapsed or exceeded ... Read More »

      What To Do If You Get Sued By a Creditor – Part 1

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      PART I: WHERE DO I START? Every collection lawyer and nearly every court views all collection lawsuits the same: a mindless task they don’t really want to do. They were trained for bigger and better things. More “important” things. However, it is the exact opposite for the consumer defendant. It is extremely important given that they intend to grab your ... Read More »

        Credit Card Debt Lawsuit – Consequences of Settlement Done Wrong

        The following guest post was contributed by Alex Vieco of New Era Debt Solutions. Alex is an experienced debt settlement company executive and his company is a member of the AACC that works hard to create fair and balanced debt settlement solutions for consumers with debt issues. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. Consumers have ... Read More »

          My Apartment Complex is Suing Me for Money I Do Not Owe. What Should I Do? – Michael

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          I have an amount turned over to collections from my apartment complex that I do not owe. I have been told this can be resolbed in small claims court and need to wait for them to file. If the amount is already turned over to collections does that mean they have already filed or does that me they are getting ... Read More »

            My Debt Relief Company Did Nothing But Get Me Sued and Lower My Credit Score. – John

            “Dear Michael, had 730 credit score 1 year ago now about 550 now being sued considering chapter 7 as only option 1. How do I know whether or not my settlement company fulfilled their contractual obligations to me or not? – They said they offered settlements to my cc companies that were refused. Based upon that can I compel them ... Read More »

              I Got Sued by Capital One. What Do I Do Now? – Leslie

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              “Dear Steve, I was divorced 2 years ago and we split the credit cards down by whose name they were under. I received the Capital One bill :( My husband wanted the divorce so bad he gave me the house and agreed to pay all divorce proceedings which he hasn’t (I hope to be sue him for it..) I work ... Read More »

                Credit Card Lawsuits Become Bigger Reality for Consumers

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                In recent days stories out of New Jersey and California have both reveled that lawsuits by credit card companies are on the rise. The New Jersey story, stated there has been a 25% increase in case filed between 2007 and 2010. In California the courts in Santa Cruz Superior Court are dealing with historically high levels. The Mercury News story ... Read More »

                  I Want Out of Debt Without a Chance of Being Sued. – Mary

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                  Recenlty got laid off work. only husband working now need help to get out of debt without chosing wrong company.. Who can I use to help us get out of debt with reasonable payments and not taking chance of getting sued Mary It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click to ... Read More »

                    Thanks for This Website! – Rocio

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                    “Dear Steve, I had a baby in 2008 and i couldnt work for a year, so i got behind on all my bill ive been trying to pay one by one but capital one now is taking me to court Hi thanks for this website!! i’ve been sue by capital one the original amount was 500 and now is 1200 ... Read More »

                      What to Do If You Are Sued

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                      Finding yourself at the wrong end of a lawsuit can be stressful. Whether you are sued for a relatively small amount in small claims court or a larger amount in circuit court, the experience is never pleasant. If you are sued in small claims court, you will find that the system is designed for people who are not necessarily familiar ... Read More »

                        I Have Had Two Homes Foreclosed On Me. Will I Be Sued? – Ana

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                        “Dear Steve, Had my 2 homes foreclosed. One was already foreclosed and the second will be finalized on March 26th. I have equity line of credit loan’s and cosidering filing for bankcruptcy because I’ve heard that the bank’s will probably sue me for the amount’s owed on these loans. Help!!! Ana”   Dear Ana, The banks will attempt to come ... Read More »

                          I Am Being Sued By Several Banks for Unpaid Balances on Seven Credit Cards. – Rick

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                          “Dear Steve, I am being sued by several banks due to large upaid balances on seven cards, about 25K per card. I had borrowed the money on low interest rates and invested it in a start up medical company that has gone from one dollar a share to ten cents a share and I lost everything. I have decided there ... Read More »

                            I Owe American Express and I Am About to Start a Debt Repayment Plan With Money Management International. – Shelley

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                            Shelley “Dear Steve, I have about $26,000 in credit card debt and am about to start a plan with Money Management International. The question I have is about the American Express account, which is about $12,000. Over the last year, iIt has bounced from 2 collection agencies to a law firm, Mann-Bracken. I am never able to make the $300 ... Read More »

                              How Do I Handle the One Creditor Not in My Debt Consolidation Plan That is Suing Me? – Tony

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                              Tony “Dear Steve, I currently have most of all my credit cards in a debt consolidation program except one. One of them cant go on the debt program because its in litigation How do I handle that ? Tony”   Dear Tony, I’m left wondering how effective this debt consolidation program is that you are in. If the goal was ... Read More »

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