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I’m on SSDI. Can you guess what 99.999% of my bills are from? – B

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Male: 54 yrs. old Health: Poor Bill Collectors: Yes, yes, and more yes. In 1994 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Now before everybody jumps the gun and immediatly, even some doctors do, I did not experiment with intraveinous drugs coming up the ranks. I will admit that like a high percentage of people my age (54) I did smoke ... Read More »

    If I commit suicide will my next of kin have to pay my student loans?

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    I know it’s a terrible question, but they say that student loans never go away. I’m about to graduate with my masters, and it will end up costing me over 100,000. It makes me want to kill myself, especially considering how incredibly hard I worked through undergrad to graduate with almost no debt. I wish I could turn back time- ... Read More »

      I’m So in Debt I’ve Lost the Joy of Being Alive. – Carol

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      “Dear Steve, I am so deep in debt that i have actually lost the joy of being alive. so i just searched the net for help and stumbled upon this site. I think i made a series of mistakes, lived above my means, love to make everybody happy in my family, enjoy being labeled ‘good’, helpful’, ‘nice’….and soon i was ... Read More »

        I Feel Like a Loser and Keep Trying to Kill Myself and Commit Suicide Because of My Debt. – Scott

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        “Dear Steve, My situation is no different from the others who contemplate suicide as a means to an end.My problem is,I have already attempted,but,obviously failed.The medical bills incurred from the attempt have now balooned to over 7k.I own a home with 50k remaining on the mortgage,and a trust of @150k earmarked to pay the mortgage note ONLY..My current position,(which I ... Read More »

          Easy Suicide Would Be a Way Out of My Debt. – Amy

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          “Dear Steve, I’m desperate, depressed and have been suicidal on a regular basis over debt and money issues. I am disabled and on SS, and my husband is working full time. We do not have a very high combined income, but too high to qualify for extra help (food stamps, etc). We’re renting in a shared situation that is precarious ... Read More »

            Debt With Dignity


            In all sorts of corners of life we now assume that it is wrong to not treat others well. For example, in the U.S. we no longer have separate entrances based on the color of your skin. Buildings make allowances for physical limitations and a recent news story said that more people have developed a tolerance for the religion of ... Read More »

              I Often Think About Suicide to Ease My Pain of Debt. – Pete

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              “Dear Steve, I lost my job in January. I never really saved outside of a two month rainy day fund. I’ve used most of my savings to pay bills until I can land a new job at my old salary…still waiting. I’ve fallen behind on the mortgage, utilities, car, loans, etc. I’ve fallen into a deep depression and often think ... Read More »

                I Am Desperate and Can’t Afford Bankruptcy. – Janie

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                “Dear Steve, I have a work history of 30 years. I recently worked for a call center for 8 years. I am on disability for mental health after suffering a breakdown, due to domestic violence and stress from my job. I get 600 a month from disability, and food stamps. I raised 5 children on my own, after their father ... Read More »

                  I’m Losing Control of My Sanity Because of My Debt. I’m Having Bad Thoughts. – Frank

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                  “Dear Steve, Wife and I both had decent paying jobs and able to spend as much as we wanted, she lost her job and soon after unemployement debt I no longer had the overtime,bonuses and other perks, and 2 kids came along. we acrued a debt of 26k and now it is about to go to collection I have a ... Read More »

                    Suicide Rate Climbs in Tough Economic Times

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                    In a result that I doubt many would find surprising, a study of suicide rates from 1928-2007 found that people 25-64 were more likely to commit suicide and end their life during down economic times. The overall suicide rate generally rose in recessions like the Great Depression (1929-1933), the end of the New Deal (1937-1938), the Oil Crisis (1973-1975), and ... Read More »

                      I Am Afraid My Brother is Considering Suicide as the Result of His Student Loan Debt. – Alex

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                      “Dear Steve, I am the brother of the person in question. I love him very much and fear that he is close to suicide. My brother Paul has both clinical depression and OCD. He has tried to work since leaving school but has never been able to live entirely independently. One or another family member has always bailed him out. ... Read More »

                        Emotional Problems from Debt Ruining Life. – John

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                        Been a good provider for the home, but I ran up debt supposing to get an inheritence that would pay for it. I have been struggling with depression for three years and it is getting worse along with my finances. I have been hospitalized once for suicidal ideations. I am on medication. I have lost my faith, as well. I ... Read More »

                          My Debt is Overwhelming and I’ve Had Some Very Dark Thoughts Lately. – Lee

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                          “Dear Steve, I am a single male, 46, with no children or other dependents, living in the San Diego California area. I was laid off and have been unemployed since Jan 2010. I have a monthly mortgage of almost $3000 that has gone unpaid since May 2010. The mortgage total owed is $400,000. I have been on unemployment. I have ... Read More »

                            I’m Feeling Totally Helpless at the Moment. – Marc


                            “Dear Steve, Self employed but all my clients went out of business in the recession. I have child support to pay college tuition and at moment have no income at all. I am in major debt, over 100,000 and can not find any job in my field at all. Very desperate no idea what to do don’t have money to ... Read More »

                              Husband and Wife Murder Suicide Over Debt. Facing Foreclosure.

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                              It is always so senseless to read or hear about these stories. There is no debt worth killing yourself over, there is always an option. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

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