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I Suffered From Multiple Nervous Breakdowns and Attempted Suicide. I Just Want to Be Happy. – Kanda

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“Dear Steve, I graduated from high school in 2005. My parents wanted me to go to college so I did. I suffered from multiple nervous breakdowns and attempted suicide I hated school so much and I was close to dropping out but my parents really wanted me to get the degree so I kept at it. Truthfully I have just ... Read More »

    Money and Stress: How to Keep Your Money Worries From Killing You

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    A recent study at Ohio State University found that people with financial problems, in particular credit card debt, suffered from more emotional problems than those who didn’t have money-related stress. When you stop and think about it, it really is not surprising that cash, or the lack of it, so greatly affects our emotions. Money problems are not simply a ... Read More »

      I Helped to Save My Sister With Her Retarded Son and Now I’m Drowning. – Sharon

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      “Dear Steve, I am a 59 yr old divorced woman. I am seriously in debt over my head. I have a rental property which is currently in foreclosure due to lack of tenants to rent it. I could not keep up the payments. I have about $10k in credit card debt which I ran up to fix my primary house ... Read More »

        Stay Connected to Family and Friends While in Debt. – Vicki

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        “Hi Steve, Several months ago I wrote to you for the first time, and then, about 6 months later, wrote another letter when I thought mine would not get published. Then, imagine my surprise when I saw both letters published (about 3 weeks apart) as well as your responses to both. Here is one of them. I could almost feel ... Read More »

          I’m Thinking of Suicide Because of My Student Loans. – John

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          “Dear Steve, My student loans are almost $42,000 dollars. I pay almost $260 dollars per month and all but $12 dollars is interest and the principal continues to go higher. I am 47 years old and working as a Nursing Assistant. I work very hard! I had graduated in 1997 from two years of Legal Assisting with Honors. I did ... Read More »

            I Am Unemployed Right Now And Just Called The Suicide Hotline. – Neyzimar

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            “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I am unemployed right now and in complete despair. I just called the suicide hot line because Suicide is the only thing that comes to my mind. It is a coward solution and certainly goes complete opposite of my religious believes. My husband hates me because I can not find a job and now unemployment benefits ... Read More »

              I’m Desperate, in Debt, and Thinking of Hanging Myself. – Evelyn

              “Dear Steve, I’m desperate, with about 75,000 on credit cards, two repos and about (on one the sold the truck and sent a bill for about 7,000 waiting on the second but I sure is going to be a lot more) 2576.66 for mortgage (taxes and insurance not including taxes and insurance) 4 kids (19,16,12 and 7) plus 26,000 on ... Read More »

                I’m Thinking of Killing Myself Over My Debt. – Yvonne

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                “Dear Steve, I am a 58 yo white female, i do work but don’t make enoughto buy groceries, must less pay bills that was left from a abusive marriage I have tried a debt consolidator but was ripped off, was a scam I suppsoe. I have had it. I am thinking suicide is the only answer. I am tired and ... Read More »

                  You Ain’t Your Fucking Debt

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                  On the way from a weekend visiting really good friends and having lots of laughs, yesterday I was talking with Pam in the car, in the rain, and on cruise control. I was just thinking back on how all the difficult moments of our nearly 28 year relationship have changed our course. There was the day our daughter stopped breathing ... Read More »

                    My Debt is Making Me Depressed and Suicidal – Tim

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                    “Dear Steve, I, we are very close to your situation, after over a year of unemployment, my wife working for pennies at a christian school and me – the bread winner, an IT system admin, 3 degrees two in engineering and one in IT, we finally had to contact an attorney today because the creditors would not work with us ... Read More »

                      I Have a Mountain of Debt. I Am Being Garnished and Thinking of Suicide. – Stacy

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                      “Dear Steve, I am in desperate need of help immediately. I have mountain of debt and am being garnished. With the garnishments I can’t pay off the debts or file bankruptcy because I am only left with barely enough to live on. Also, I have severe bipolar disorder. I got most of my debts when I “blacked out” in a ... Read More »

                        I’m Bipolar, Tried to Kill Myself, and Nobody Will Listen to Me About My Debt. – SC

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                        “Dear Steve, Hi, I am desperate for help. I have been mentally ill for a decade now and at one point three years ago my medications were not right and I fell into my bipolar disorder full force. When I was manic I would make poor financial decisions and got into so much debt. I tried to commit suicide twice ... Read More »

                          I’m a College Student and I Feel Suicidal Because of My Debt. – Calvin

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                          Calvin “Dear Steve, I am a college student with severe chronic depression. The illness has been so debilitating that I have gone from being a dean’s list student to entering the second term of my fifth year of undergraduate school. Unfortunately, this situation has forced me to take on $41,000 in student loans. I can’t afford health insurance and even ... Read More »

                            SO THIS IS HOW IT FEELS TO BE IN DEBT!

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                            An old friend of mine let me know recently that he had been struggling with some financial problems. While debt issues are not something that you often share with just anyone, my friend trusted me enough to open up to me for advice and a friendly shoulder to lean on. My friend, to be anonymously known here as Bob, wrote ... Read More »

                              Job Loss Leads Family to Death. All Killed by Parent

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                              Senseless. So senseless. I know that job loss and financial worries can seem hopeless, but they aren’t. They certainly are not so desperate that murder and suicide are the best way out. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. Embedded video from CNN Video Embedded video from CNN Video Embedded video from ... Read More »

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