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I Want to Make Money Fast by Buying Discharged Debt and Tax Liens. – Mc C

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“Dear Steve, I just got out of debt by a thrid party company purchasing my debt. So of course….now, I want to buy a debt package that can yield about $25k for $350 bucks. Steve??? Is it even worth it? I’m fearful about buying debt with BK attached, especially Chap#7. It’s either buy debt or buy tax lien certificates? Which ... Read More »

    Reducing Foreclosure Risks for Those Facing a Property Tax Lien

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    The home mortgage crisis has received a lot of attention over the last few years. This has led to various efforts to preserve homeownership, including the creation of foreclosure mitigation programs through federal legislation as well as other local and state efforts. However, another threat to homeownership that should also be given careful consideration today is foreclosure as a result ... Read More »

      Make Money Paying Your Neighbors’ Property Taxes

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      Every homeowner knows the joys of paying property taxes. And unfortunately, the Great Recession has made it tough for many people to pay the bill. When a homeowner fails to pay their property taxes, a lien is placed on their home and the tax lien certificate is later auctioned off to investors. Anybody can participate in a tax lien auction ... Read More »

        IRS Says It Will File Fewer Tax Liens

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        In an article brought to my attention by a great tipster (send in your tips here), the IRS says it will file fewer tax liens and make it easier to get those liens removed from credit records once the debt has been resolved. Kind of a form of legal credit repair. In these tough economic times it can be helpful ... Read More »

          I’m About to Have a Nervous Breakdown Because of My Debt. –

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          “Dear Steve, 60k in IRS debt and 20k in credit card debt, already living paycheck to paycheck supporting kids and adopted grandkids What can I do, IRS has placed a federal tax lien so i can’t get a loan and credit card company is calling my work and home 20 times a day and applying 20% interest but is unwilling ... Read More »

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