How Many Tax Allowances Can I Take?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 altered how many tax allowances you should take for every year since it became law and it certainly has for 2020. Tax allowances are approximate estimates of reductions in your taxable income for federal withholding tax purposes. When you get a new job, as well as at the beginning … Read more

How Should We Divide our Tax Return Towards Our Credit Cards? – Jacquie

Hello! My husband and I will be getting a good amount of money back from taxes and we are wondering what would be the best for bettering our credit, we have pretty low scores. We have 5 credit cards with balances ranging from about $130-$700. We want to know if it would be better on … Read more

My Job at the Hospital Didn’t Take Taxes Out of My Check. – William

“Dear Steve, My name William. I’m only 25 and have a bus load of debt!! I currently work at [xxxx] Hospital in Washington D.C. I make a realitively small amount of money ($11.75 per hour). I live with my younger brother who I have taken care of since our parents passed away approximately 6 1/2 … Read more

Having Problems Paying My Tolls for My Commute. – Drew

Drew “Dear Steve, I owe about $60,000 in student loans. I owe $15,000 in credit card debt. I have no trouble making the monthly student loan payments, and I have no problem making at least the minimum monthly payments on my credit card. The credit card company just lowered my credit limit so that I … Read more