TaxMasters Locks Doors, Files Bankruptcy. Another Tax Resolution Firm Hits the Skids.

In the last year we’ve seen major tax resolution firms run into trouble, fold or fail. Between Ronnie Deutch, JK Harris, and now TaxMasters it’s been a bad year for the tax resolution debt relief business. Again it seemingly comes down to firms charging big advanced fees for services, spending the money, but not delivering … Read more

Former IRS Agent Tells Tax Debt Relief Services May be Dangerous to Consumers

photo © 2007 paul stumpr | more info (via: Wylio)Jim Buttonow, a CPA and former IRS Agent has released information about why the very premise of selling tax relief services for an advance fee is something consumers should be protected from. Below you will find submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission regarding the selling … Read more

Minnesota Sues TaxMasters Claiming Fraud and Deception

Minnesotta Attorney General Lori Swanson today file suit against TaxMasters, a tax debt relief company. The suit allegedly states that TaxMasters used deceptive and misleading advertisements and commercials to attract consumers into large up-front fees for debt relief services, paying upwards of $8,000. The suit is said to claim the TaxMasters salespeople encouraged consumers to … Read more

TaxMasters Slams “Unethical” Debt Settlement Companies Getting Into Tax Relief Services

photo © 2008 woodley wonderworks | more info (via: Wylio)TaxMasters, a tax relief service provider has come out in support of the new FTC telemarketing sales rules and has said they will follow them, even though the FTC has put a temporary hold on enforcement of those rules for now. Though the new Telemarketing Sales … Read more