TFSC Group – Consumer Complaint – April 28, 2016

Consumer Statement: The TFSC group sent an letter to my home presenting themselves as advocates for students who have Federal Loans that amount to over $20,000. I was initially under the impression while on the phone that I was speaking to a representative “Mark” from the Department of Education since he claimed that he was …

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TFSC Group, Student Assist Plus, Trans2Pay, Student Loan Processing Center – Consumer Complaint – January 28, 2015

Consumer Statement: Was sent a letter in the mail that said “Federal Student Loan Consolidation Notice”. I called the number(888)380-6587 on January 11, 2015. Next day (January 12, 2015) a Guy named Ron called me and asked me if I had time to talk about my student loans and that it would only take 10mins. …

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