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Attorney Lloyd Ward and The Debt Answer Want Me to Switch My Debt Settlement Account to Each Other

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“Dear Steve, I just spoke to Debt Answer and was told that Lloyd Ward and Lloyd were partners and they split and now they are fighting over clients. Lloyd ward put a hold on my global solutions account for drafts but is still collecting the fees. Debt answer told me that I have to close my Global Solutions account and ... Read More »

    The Debt Answer – Consumer Complaint – 5-5-2012

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    Date This Problem Happened: April 30, 2012 State You Live in: California Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $6,186.48 Company Name: The Debt Answer Company Address: 1001 Brickell Bay Drive Suite 1200 Miami, FL 33131 Company Telephone Number: 888-300-9232 Website of Company: thedebtanswer.com Consumer Statement: I signed up with this co. back in May 2010 for ... Read More »

      The Debt Answer and Lloyd Ward & Associates, What Should I Do Now?

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      “Dear Steve, I have been reading up about this co on your site, along with Lloyd Ward and previously Simon and Bosch and realize that my 2 year stint to date (out of 4) of paying them $423.06 a month is probably a scam. I was only researching b/c I feel I cannot make any more payments and must go ... Read More »

        Bear Hunt Excuse Used in Update to Most Bizarre Debt Industry Lawsuit

        In March I wrote about the most bizarre debt industry lawsuit of the year. It involved Lloyd Regner and Kevin Devoto, guys that had a relationship with Lloyd Ward. In the last article on this matter, which is a must read, the case against Devoto and others by Regner was laid out. The case involved characters identified as “Convict”, “Charlatan”, ... Read More »

          The Debt Relief Most Bizarre Lawsuit of the Year, So Far, Goes to Regner v. Devoto

          Yesterday I wrote about how former Lloyd Ward compatriots Kevin Devoto and Lloyd Regner were in the middle of a tiff with Devoto suing Regner. See No Apparent Honor in Debt Settlement. Kevin Devoto Sues Lloyd Regner. Well today comes one of the most odd lawsuits I’ve seen. Frankly this one reads like a movie script. Trust me, it’s worth ... Read More »

            Lloyd Ward Responses in USA Case Against Felon Kevin Devoto Get Even Stranger

            This morning I reported on a case where Kevin Devoto sued his business partner Lloyd Regner over an action that involved the companies they owned together, ABC Administrative Services, CRLK, LRKD Auto, R&D Market Development, Regdev, ABC Debt Relief, The Debt Answer. You can read that article here. In that suit filed by Devoto it is alleged that his business ... Read More »

              No Apparent Honor in Debt Settlement. Kevin Devoto Sues Lloyd Regner

              Kevin Devoto and Lloyd Regner have appeared in a number of stories over the years. Generally they were associated with Lloyd Ward in some sort of related enterprise or lawsuit. But the tides have apparently turned. A tipster (send in your tips here) just forwarded to me a suit that was filed in Texas on March 12, 2012 by Kevin ... Read More »

                Reader Wants to Know What’s Up With NoteWorld Lawsuit

                A reader sent in a comment, “I have been following the Noteworld class action suit from afar. Are you aware of a settlement in this case? Thanks for all the good work you do out there and your help with this is much appreciated.” I have not checked on the case in a while, so here is an update on ... Read More »

                  Did I Make a Mistake With Lloyd Ward and Associates and the Debt Answer?- Claudia

                  “Dear Damon, I have been paying into an escrow account with Lloyd Ward and Associates through a web site called the Debt Answer. Today, after 2 yrs of paying into this account I find that for all this time I have been paying to them first and also a maintenance fee, and only now I start actually accumulating towards the ... Read More »

                    NoteWorld Hit With Class Action RICO Suit

                    Thanks to a tipster (send in your tips here) we discover that NoteWorld was just hit with a lawsuit on behalf of consumers against Noteworld, LLC (“Noteworld”), claiming the Tacoma, Wash. company has violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) by engaging in a conspiracy to defraud consumers by extracting exorbitant fees from trust accounts related to useless ... Read More »

                      NoteWorld Involved in Georgia Class Action Case on Debt Adjusting. Raises Bigger Issues.

                      It seems the issues surrounding if payment processors in the debt settlement world is getting more complicated. This recent class action case is out of Georgia against NoteWorld and Noteworld Servicing Center; Hattie Burke v. NoteWorld. It appears that NoteWorld gets sucked in not because of their actions but because of the actions of who they decided to provide services ... Read More »

                        My Business Folded and The Debt Answer Said They Could Help. – Blakey

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                        “Dear Steve, I had a business that folded beginning of 2010 that left me with about $150k of unsecured debt. I contacted the Debt Answer (Lloyd Ward & Associates) in March 2010 to negotiate my debts down. I am now being sued by one of my creditors and others are threatening. I have been paying Lloyd Ward & Associates $1192 ... Read More »

                          Another One Taken by The Debt Answer. – Angry

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                          Like Marie from AZ, I signed on with The Debt Answer. I am in CA. That was over a year ago. Since then, I settled one account myself and they settled two. I was thinking that this was great…then it all started coming unraveled. I have two remaining creditors. One of them has been ignored. The other has served me, ... Read More »

                            I’m Enrolled in The Debt Answer and Concerned. – Andrea

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                            “Dear Steve, I’m currently enrolled in a debt settlement program “the debt answer”, i read a few things about which concerns me a lot. I live in California. Please tell me who i can go to find the best settlement company, an attorney who I can trust, an agency to represent me. I need someone now. I appreciate your help. ... Read More »

                              Another Debt Settlement Company Sued for Failing to Pay Proper Wages. Debt RX USA, Silverleaf Debt Solutions

                              In what seems like a recent trend, yet another couple of debt settlement companies have been hit with a lawsuit for allegedly failing to pay proper wages to employees. The other recent case was against ABC Debt Relief, The Debt Answer and Lloyd Ward & Associates, a law firm. In this case, Randy Abbe filed suit against Debt RX USA ... Read More »

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