Thomassen and Kucera Law – Consumer Complaint – 8-20-2021

Consumer Statement: I have in my account 14000 dollars with Thomassen and Kucera Law Offices in San Diego! I had four accounts not resolved! They do answer the phone or they are disconnected! Are they scammers! Consumer Action Taken: I tried calling but they do not answer and/or phones have been disconnected! Date This Problem … Read more

Thomassen Law Group – Consumer Complaint – April 7, 2014

Consumer Statement: I worked with Thomassen Law Group in 2011-2013. This is a disreputable firm. In my dismissal letter to them, I cited language from California Law regarding deceptive trade practices. Thomassen accepted my retainer and ostensibly agreed to perform service. My principal creditor was and is Chase Bank. But over a year before my … Read more

Fresh Start Legal Advocates. Who Are They? And Then It Gets Weird.

An interaction yesterday with a Kevin Jackson from Thomassen Law Group (if that is even a real entity) sparked my interest in Fresh Start Legal Advocates. Kevin referred to the party identified on the post card sent to consumers as “Fresh Start” and appears to indicate they are an affiliate or lead generator for Thomassen … Read more

Thomassen Law Group Generic Debt Relief Postcard Sent in For Review

An amazing reader Tissa send in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program. The mailer from “Fresh Start Legal Advocates” was sent from postal permit 1297 in Sacramento, California. The same as another mailer I just covered, here. But I’m not sure if Thomassen Law Group is embarrassed to use … Read more

I Went With Thomassen Law Group But Afraid I Made the Wrong Decision. – Judie

“Dear Steve, I have credit card debt and lost my job and then my husband lost his job. He had 2 heart attacks and cannot find a job. I contacted Thomassen Law Group and I thought I understood their process, but I am not sure now. They have been taking app. $600 a month out … Read more

Is Thomassen Law Group a Legitimate and Reliable Law Firm? – Lillian

“Dear Steve, We started paying Thomassen Law Group since September 11, 2011. Recently, we received a letter from a local lawyer representing one of our creditors giving us 30 days to pay our debt with the company they are representing. I faxed copy of the law office to Thomassen Law Group, called and spoke with … Read more

Thomassen Law Group Appears to Charge Advanced Fees for Debt Settlement

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a copy of a contract they purport to be from Thomassen Law Group for debt settlement services. Their concern was over the fees being charged. Thomassen Law Group appears to be charging a fee that is not directly linked to the performance of debt settlement services. … Read more

Is Thomassen Law Group a Scam I Should Avoid? – Rachel

“Dear Steve, I am looking for a way to consolidate my credit card debt so that I can make just one payment a month versus several and hopefully pay off my debt faster. I have received a call back from the Thomassen Law Group. I’m not sure if this is a scam or not. I … Read more