Former State Trooper Wonder What to Do About Titan Legal Debt Settlement

Question: Dear Steve, I am a retired Arkansas State Trooper, and I am very concerned about this investigation. I have paid Titan Legal $1,555.63 every month for about two years, and they took their fee out of the first several months of payment, so they are paid up, and all the money I am paying … Read more

Is the FBI Letter I Got About Titan Legal Processing Real?

Question: Dear Steve, I’ve been in contract (can cancel anytime) with Titan Legal Processing since 3/2018. They’re fighting my 13 creditors to pay off my $26000 debt at a reduced balance, so I am not paying the full balances with all the interest. This is supposed to be completed by March 2022. I received the … Read more

FBI Seeking Info on Titan Legal Processing or Titan Consulting Group


I can’t remember ever seeing anything like this before but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is searching for consumers that have used the settlement company Titan Consulting Group that I’ve written about before. The FBI must be pursuing some sort of criminal activity investigation. Otherwise, why would they be involved? The FBI form says, … Read more