We Have Good Credit But Too Much Debt. – Devin

“Dear Steve, My wife and I are now back on our feet after years of unemployment problems and housing investment loss due to previously living in Michigan. We lost most of our savings and retirement paying back debt, and now stand with $33,000 in credit card debt left. Our jobs are going very well, and … Read more

Bank of America and Debt Management Companies Can’t Help Me. – Jessy

“Dear Steve, My wife and I owe about 60,000 on multiple credit cards; have a mortgage of $243k (remaining) and a second mortgage (line of credit) with $75k used (out of $100). How we got here is very important but, at this point irrelevant; basically, due to years of borrowing from one card/line of credit … Read more

We Make Good Money But We Are Drowning in Debt. – Joe

“Dear Steve, My wife and I have always been in debt. We currently have about $90k in unsecured debt, a $256k mortgage, and $30k in car payments. We earn about $150k per year between the both of us. We have two small children. We are literally drowning right now. We both have very limited part-time … Read more