My Total & Permanent Disability Request Was Denied and My SSDI Got Garnished

Question: Dear Steve, The Department of Education denied my TPD (Total & Permanent Disability) form when Navient was still Sallie Mae back in 2010. Since then, I’ve had my SSDI offset after I started receiving collection notices through a 3rd party company contracted by the Department of Education. Fast Forward to 2016, and I was … Read more

What You Need to Do to Get Your Federal Student Loans Forgiven if You Are Disabled

Question: Dear Steve, I’m medically disabled and unable to work. Sever strokes, diabetes, heart stents, high blood pressure, amputee, difficulty walking some dementia, due to the stroke, and kidney disease. How yo apply for total and permanent discharge? Alvin Answer: Dear Alvin, My goodness, you’ve faced your medical challenges. I can’t even begin to imagine … Read more

I Have a Mental Disorder and Student Loans. Can They be Forgiven?

Question: Dear Steve, I have student loans that I will need to pay after I graduate. However, I suffer from bipolar, manic depression and psychosis. Will I be able to receive a total and permanent disability (TPD). Or some other loan forgiveness. I am still attending school though. I have been hospitalized for about 10 … Read more

My Bipolar Disorder and Depression Has Hurt My Ability to Repay My Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, Diagnosed in 1986 W/bipolar disorder, started Alcoholics Anonymous 1986(yes still sober & clean, 3/3/20,34yrs) I went to DeAnza College from 1990-1994, including summer, all vacation sessions allowed due to the fact of depression. I had to catch up. 1995 injured at work, 2 broke disks, had 2 wait 6yrs 4 surgery due … Read more

I’m Disabled with Severe Depression and Anxiety but Navient Won’t Forgive My Private Student Loan

Question: Dear Steve, In addition to gov’t school loans, I received a private loan through Chase bank in 2005. It was sold to another company at some point then finally sold to Navient… of course, I had no say in this. I paid the minimum payment for a decade. Which in essence almost paid it … Read more

Navient Says My Loan is Eligible for a Total and Permanent Disability Discharge But They Won’t Let My Cosigner Off the Loan

Question: Dear Steve, I have a private student loan from Navient (signature loan) since 2004. I have a cosigner on the loan. The loan qualifies for total and permanent disability discharge and Navient forward me the application for this private student loan after denying it exists for a while. I have to physicians fill the … Read more

Disabled Vet Says Took Longer to Get Navient to Correct Errors Than a Tour of Duty

Recently Navient was sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the complaint alleged a number of student loan servicing failures. Christopher Meyer, a disabled veteran, contact me about his experience and said, “I read the complaint filed in federal court. I felt like the CFPB were directly referencing me on page four of the … Read more

MY SSDI payment is About to be Garnished Over a Federal Student Loan

Question: Dear Steve, I lost my job and was unemployed in 2013. At the time, Sallie Mae and Nelnet were my student loan servicers. I applied for and was granted deferment or forbearance and had to submit my paperwork in triplicate because Sallie Mae has my loan in two bundles (of loans). I tried to … Read more

I’m Working Disabled and is There Hope for My Student Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, I have $160,000 in student loan debt. it is a combination of subsidized, unsubsidized loans through the Dept of Ed and is being managed through Nelnet. I’ve been out of grad school for 7 years and used 3 years deferment and 4 years under the IBR program at a payment of zero … Read more

Congrats Your Student Loans Have Been Forgiven Because You Are Disabled. Now Pay Up.

In a move that typifies the illogic of Washington, the Treasury Department, who is responsible for the Internal Revenue Service, has missed a grand opportunity to label student loans forgiven because of a total and permanent disability as being free from a tax liability or penalty. As it stands now, consumers who have their student … Read more

I’ve Struggled With Mental Health Issues and Student Loans and I’m Thinking of Bankruptcy – Jenny

Question: Dear Steve, First, thank you for all the wonderful advice over the years. Claimed bankruptcy in 1999 due to mental health issues. Time went on, rebuilt my credit, became older/wiser and got my credit score way up. Bought a house, had a child, got married, got master’s degree. Partner left when child was 7 … Read more

I’m Disabled But Navient Increased My Student Loan Balances – Betsy

Question: Dear Steve, I had a part of my student loan $40,000 written off due to disability. I am no longer capable of working. I only owed 23,000 more. Now Naviant has my loan and they are saying I still owe the whole amount. And I looked at my account and they have added more … Read more

I’m Disabled and Want to Remove Old Student Loan Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I defaulted on student loans, over 20 yrs ago. never completed exit interview. never paid any amount on them.shortly thereafter became disabled and now disabled/retired 68 yrs old. only have non taxable income. 1000 mo. delinquent loans not on credit info. How can i remove student loan debt? Rod Answer: Dear Rod, … Read more

Permanently Disabled People Eligible for Total Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

The Obama administration is rolling out plans to forgive the federal student loan debt of people who are designated as permanently disabled by the Social Security Administration. This is estimated to forgive about $8 billion in federal student loans and assist debtors who are permanently disabled from having benefits garnished and forcing them through struggles … Read more

I Want the Department of Education to Get Their Sh*t Together

Question: Dear Steve, I am not sure exactly who to direct this issue to, therefore, if you are not the correct person/dept, please advise. Well Over 20 years ago I took a student loan through the Department of Education to attend college. If I recall I made payments for some time after graduation in 1988. … Read more