What are the chances of Toyota Financial negotiating the ‘REINSTATEMENT’ amount? – Crystal

I regretfully made the mistake of not communicating with Toyota Financial and confessing to my change in my financial situation, due to being laid off from my job. So of course the dreadful results of Repossession took place… The combination of losing your job and getting your car repossessed is beyond stressful, Toyota Financial repossess … Read more

I Just Filed Bankruptcy But Want to Keep My Car With Toyota Financial. – Nancy

“Dear Steve, I’ve just filed bankruptcy and will be keeping my car, but one month behind and will be caught up in 8 days. I tried to make a payment on my car with Toyota Financial online and noticed that it didn’t go through. I called and they said that I no longer have access … Read more

I’m In a Financial Crisis Right Now to Toyota Financial. – Ernesto

Ernesto “Dear Steve, I’m in a Financial crisis right now. My fiancee is unemployed and Im the only one making money right now and I have to support 3 kids. I’m voluntarily giving back my car to toyota finacial because I cannot make payments on it. I know that I will be paying debt on … Read more