Do You Think College Students Should Get Partial Tuition Refunds?

According to Investopedia, “Bait and switch is a morally suspect sales tactic that lures customers in with specific claims about quality or low prices . . .” However, once customers are lured in, “the advertised deal does not exist, or is of far inferior quality or specifications, where the buyer is then presented with an …

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I Registered for College But Did Not Attend. They Still Want Me to Pay.

Question: Dear Steve, I attended my freshman year at South Eastern University, I then left the school for 1 1/2 years for military obligation. I returned and registered for a semester but did not attend. I never stepped foot on campus nor did I attempt any coursework. I am now trying to obtain my transcript …

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Do I Have to Pay My College Fees?

Consumer Complaint Submission

Hello, I am writing this to know about my situation is safe or it is in complicated situation. I studied at a University in Texas for 1 semester and I didn’t pay my fee over there and I don’t want my transcripts from that university either too. So, I transferred to another university where in …

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Community College is Garnishing Money for Classes Never Attended. – Serenity

Serenity “Dear Steve, I lived in Arizona and was relocating to OK last spring. I had job interviews,my living situation and my whole move worked out. Then I got into an awful car wreck that totaled my car and by the grace of the gods I walked away,unbelievably so. The wreck happened the same week …

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