Can Judge & Priestley Really Collect a UAE Debt From Me in the UK?

Question: Jon, Received an email from Judge & Priestley saying there client Emirates NBD bank in Dubai is chasing me for an unpaid credit card. I haven’t acknowledged or rang j&p to discuss. Can they legally pursue me and can they demand payment even though the debt is in UAE? Please can you advise if … Read more

Can I Be Chased to Australia Because of My Debt in Another Country?

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Should I Be Worried About Bilkish Chasing me in India or the UAE?

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I’m Being Chased by Coyle White Devine for International Debt. Can They Do That?

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Can I Be Chased for Debt From the UAE and India if I’m Living in Canada?

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Bilkish is Chasing Me From the Philippines for UAE Debts and I Work in Saudi Arabia

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