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I’m Two Weeks Away From Unemployment. Is Bankruptcy Something Worth Looking At? – Mel

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“Dear Steve, Two years ago I lost a job of 9 years to a change in command. I was doing well there making $96k a year. I found short term job for 4 months but they had to down-size to stay in business. After that I was off for 1 year. My wife and I, stupidly, used credit cards to ... Read More »

    I Have No Income and My Disabled Sister is Living in My House. – Steven

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    “Dear Steve, I’ve been unemployed since September 12, 2008, the day of Hurricane Ike. I’m about to recieve my final Emergency Unemployment beneft within 2 weeks. I have absolutely no other income, nor job prospects. I have a home which is rented out to my sister whom is disablef and unable to ever work. Those payments are current, but I ... Read More »

      How Do I Pay My Debt Off When I’m Unemployed? – Brandon

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      “Dear Steve, My credit card debt really got bad when I was working and living in one town and also paying the mortgage on my house in another town. I basically lived off my credit card since rent and mortgage took all but $100 of my paycheck. By that point I was paying $200-300 in interest alone, so paying it ... Read More »

        I Now Lost My Job and We Are Unable to Make All The Payments. – Petra

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        “Dear Steve, Both my Husband and I were making ends meet with only a few bucks to spare to save up a little bit. We are making the minimum payments on our credit card bills, have a mortgage, tax debt, 2 auto loans and the usual bills like water, electricity etc. We were in the process of refinancing our house ... Read More »

          Wife Wants to Declare Bankruptcy But I’m Ashamed to Do It. – David

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          “Dear Steve, I was laid-off 4 months ago and have been unable to get a job so far. I’m 63, no savings, no retirement. Before i was laid-off we had difficulty meeting our financial obligations. We had asked 2 of our credit cards for hardship help; they closed our accounts, lowered interest rate and payment. Now that I’m unemployed i’m ... Read More »

            I Am Unemployed and Can’t Pay My Charge Card Bills. – Fran

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            “Dear Steve, I was laid off a year ago and apply to jobs/agencies daily to no avail. I am using up what little money I got from a slip and fall lawsuit that I had to accept a horrible offer on which is my small savings acct. and I am really scared – once it’s gone, I can’t afford my ... Read More »

              Can the Credit Card Company Take Our Home? – Carlie

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              Carlie “Dear Steve, We are an unmarried couple. We have 3 kids 4 and under. He has 75k in student loans we both have $60k in credit card debt. I am a SAHM. He just lost his job 4 months ago with no prospects in this state to find another one in the near future. We have 2 homes. One ... Read More »

                How to Survive a Job Loss

                Example 1

                If you’ve ever lost a job, you know how devastating it can be. It doesn’t really matter how you lost it — a company reorganization, merger, forced retirement or simply being fired — the results are the same. It probably feels like everything you’ve worked for is gone, including your income. And because losing a job is often unexpected, you’re ... Read More »

                  We’ve Already Deferred Two Loan Payments But That’s Not Enough. What Can We Do? – Kathe

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                  “Dear Steve, We are in our 50s. We’d been doing well and racked up some serious debt. Ashamed to say how much but … over 70,000. This includes credit cards and loans. Not including our home. Last month I lost my job and have been looking (yes, looking hard!) but have not found anything as yet. We have already deferred ... Read More »

                    America’s 35 Hardest Economically Hit Cities

                    America's 35 Hardest Hit Cities

                    Nice infographic from BillShrink that helps to show the hardest hit American cities during this economic crunch. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

                      I Might Have to Sell My House to Face Bankruptcy. – Rosemarie

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                      “Dear Steve, I have been out of work for over 18 months. I own apx 46,000 to credit card companies. I am still collecting unemployment but not sure when it will run out. I own a house with equity in it but cannot get a refinance or home equity loan because I am not working. My debt is building and ... Read More »

                        Emily Wants to Know “I’m Pregnant And Got My Hours Cut. What Do I Do?”

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                        Emily wrote in to me at GetOutOfDebt.org to ask for help. Here is what she said. “I’m having some money problems. I’m having to struggle on making a payment on time and cause I’m pregant my hours got cut back at McDonald’s. Just trying to pay people back and stay on top with my debt with rent. How can i ... Read More »

                          I Don’t Want to Lose My Boat or Home. – Doug

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                          Doug “Dear Steve, I have 20k of ccard debt and have lost my job. I am paying my bills with unemployment and savings but time is running out. I have thought about Bankruptcy but have been told i will lose my boat which is paid for and the court might auction my home also. My house is paid for also ... Read More »

                            Is There Any Hope For Me for a Life After Debt? – Tammy

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                            “Dear Steve, I short sold my house last year..hours at work got cut in july…moved into an apartment … i’ve already retained an atty…to file bankruptcy…owe her fee $1700(which i can’t afford) before i can file in Dec 2010…i filed 8 years ago in december and can’t do it again until then…sued by creditor and lost and now wages to ... Read More »

                              I’ve Been Unemployed and Now Can’t Afford My Minimum Payments. – Marco

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                              “Dear Steve, I have been unemployed since Jan 5th 2009. My UEI covers my hard bills, rent , car loan, car ins, untilities, a little food. I have used my savings to pay my credit bills thinking I would find a job. I have run out of my savings and have made poor mistakes that way I beleive. I have ... Read More »

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