Did the IRS Send Notice to My Clients Issuing me a 1099 and Tell Them About My Unfiled Taxes?

Question: Dear Steve, I am a 72 year old freelance patent draftsman who has been working continuously* with patent attorneys since 1965. * except for military service from 1968-1971. I have a number of years of unfiled tax returns. Work requests have stopped from previous clients and I’d like to know if the IRS has … Read more

Will My Unfiled Tax Situation Prevent Me From Creating a Corporation and Attracting Investors? – Bruce

Consumer Complaint Submission

Unfiled taxes liens , (state and irs) most of the debt is because the irs and or state of California have filed for me and penalties are piling up. I have a very good chance to creat a business. I have investors chomping at the bit . What bearing does my personal tax problem have … Read more