I’m Trying to Help My Kids By Buying Tax Liens According to Saen Higgins

Question: Dear Steve, I am 61 years old and have an LLC with my son. We have started to buy real estate at tax deed auctions. By this, I want to give my children a good start for their financial future. Being over 60 years old, according to Michael S. Hawes, I wouldn’t have to …

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United States Tax Lien Association the New Thing for Wealth Without Risk Saen Higgins

Remember the hotly pitched infomercial product Wealth Without Risk with Saen Higgins? Well since the recent FTC actions and shutdowns of related operations it looks like SaenHiggins.com which was promoting the tax lien scheme is either gone or offline. You can see a picture of the old Wealth Without Risk site here. A recent commenter …

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