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I Just Received a Summons From a Really Old Debt. – Janet

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I have received a summons that I’m being sued for an old credit card I’m not even sure from how long ago the summons just list the name and an amount.The amount is 10,000 I don’t have that to pay or even a reduced amount in a lump sum. My questions are how likely is it that the ... Read More »

    I Want Proof the Debt My Paycheck is Garnished for is Valid. – BD

    Ready to Collapse

    BD “Dear Steve, I have been garnish for over a year on my paycheck. I now want the company to prove to me that the debt was valid. Can they provide that information and if they cant can i ask for a full refund? BD”   Dear BD, I’m no lawyer but I think the ship sailed on that issue ... Read More »

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