More than a thousand college campuses closed over the last five years: The for-profit scourge

Earlier this month, Chronicle of Higher Education reported that 1,200 college campuses have closed over the last five years, displacing nearly half a million students. As Chronicle reporters, Michael Vasquez and Dan Bauman explained, most of these campuses were operated by for-profit colleges, which often have campuses in multiple locations. For example, Vatterott College, Education … Read more

Vatterott College Students and Faculty Better Get Ready for Bad News

Students at Vatterott College should do a little emergency planning. It appears the accrediting organization that they brag about giving them their quality rating is about to pull the plug. The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) has just informed the school, they suck. Actually, the notice says concerns over the school’s performance … Read more