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I have two credit card debits and contacted vortex debt group. – Thomas

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Since 2008 I have had these two credit card debits one is 3000 and the other is 5000 and back then I contacted vortex debt group because I had seen a commercial about debt consolidation, in the past I have never searched them on google I always believed the were trustworthy and in 2010 zwicker took up one of my ... Read More »

    Vortex Debt Group – Consumer Complaint – 11-6-2011

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    Date This Problem Happened: September 14, 2011 State You Live in: Ontario, Canada Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native Age Range: 21-35 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,400 Company Name: Vortex Debt Group Company Address: 3280 SUNTREE BLVD, SUITE 101 MRLBOURNE, FLORIDA 32940-7540 Company Telephone Number: 866-558-3503 Website of Company: vortexdebtgroup.com Consumer Statement: VORTEX PHONE MY HOME IN DECEMBER 2010, THEY DO DEBT ... Read More »

      Colorado Cancels or Revokes Debt Settlement and Credit Counseling Company Licenses

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      The State of Colorado has apparently revoked or canceled the licenses of Vortex Debt Group, Square One Debt Settlement, New Life Debt Relief, Nationwide Support Services, CSA, Credit Solutions of America, and Credit Answers. The following credit counseling group license was canceled through withdrawl, National Foundation for Debt Management. [Update: For clarification, please be advised that NFDM voluntarily surrendered its ... Read More »

        Clear Blue Debt Solutions and Synergy Debt Group Look Like a Scam. They Are Not Making Friends in Canada.

        I received information from a tipster (send in your tips here) in Canada that wanted to share new information about these companies. The tipster (send in your tips here) said: “I was amazed at how frequently I was lied to when I spoke with employees from these companies. I can’t remember anyone lying to me that much in one conversation ... Read More »

          U.S. Debt Relief Providers Targeting Canada and Canadian Debtors

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          A Canadian trade association reached out to me to let me know what they are seeing from across the boarder. And it sure does not look like the face of America we want to portray. Since I have not had an opportunity to verify the details related to the documents given to me, I’m going to remove the specific company ... Read More »

            Vortex Debt Group / Americorp to Become Synthis, Tipster Says

            Vinicombe Americorp

            A tipster (send in your tips here) has written in and said: Thought you might like to know Vortex/Americorp has now changed their name to Synthis Inc. seems since Missiouri has banned them and the Attorney General has sent letters to consumers to file for a refund that it would be to costly to them to refund all these clients, ... Read More »

              Canadians Warned About Vortex Debt Group – Again

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              Well here it comes again, more warnings from Canada about Vortex Debt Group in Florida. CBC News out of Canada today is reporting: “I feel like a victim of a crime, like somebody’s just come into my house and stolen things from my house from me, because basically that’s what they’ve done,” said Adrienne Saunders, of London, Ont., who signed ... Read More »

                Is Vortex Debt Group a Total Fraud? – Dan

                “Dear Michael, I recently entered into an agreement with Vortex Debt Group. I was in the process of signing and returning the “Authorization to Communicate with Creditors and Collection Agencies”. My wife thought the proposal to settle approx. $13,500.of unsecured debt for approx.$6,000.was simply too good to be true. I assured her that Vortex had answered all my very specific ... Read More »

                  Vortex Debt Group Gets Consent Judgment From Missouri And Told to Stay Out of the State

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                  This was just released by the State of Missouri and sent to me by a tipster (send in your tips here). Jefferson City, Mo. – Attorney General Chris Koster announced today that the Florida-based debt settlement firm Vortex Debt Group, Inc., will refund fees paid by Missouri consumers and cease operating in Missouri. The Attorney General’s Office alleged Vortex Debt ... Read More »

                    BBB Canada Issues Warning About U.S. Debt Settlement Companies, Vortex Debt Group and Cambridge Life Solutions

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                    Looks like debt settlement troubles have headed up to Canada and a couple of U.S. based companies have made a noticeable splash. A Canadian newspaper is warning consumers to be wary of two specific U.S. based debt settlement companies. The Now is reporting: In the last two months, numerous companies identifying themselves as debt settlement experts or credit counsellors have ... Read More »

                      U.S. Debt Settlement Companies, Vortex Debt Group and Cambridge Life Solutions, Targeting Canadians

                      Cambridge Life Canada

                      News out of Canada says that troubled Vortex Debt Group from Florida, and Cambridge Life Solutions out of California are now targeting Canadians with advanced fee debt settlement that is now illegal in their home country. From what I see in the Cambridge Life Solutions pitch they simply took the U.S. pitch and stuck a red maple leaf on it ... Read More »

                        Florida Debt Settlement Company Calling Consumers in Canada

                        I received the following email from a tipster (send in your tips here) in Canada regarding Consumer Debt Advocate. If you have any additional information on the company making the calls, please use the tipster (send in your tips here) form or comment below. I attempted to call the number given, 1-866-559-3503, but it only leads to a recording for ... Read More »

                          Vortex Debt Group Sued For Just About Everything

                          Vortex Debt Group out of Florida is a name familiar to me. I’ve written about them before, here. Yesterday Vortex was sued by Terry Rudd in a class action suit. It seems that Vortex really wanted to control the client and allegedly left the client disadvantaged. “The Vortex representative hid from plaintiff the fact that the agreement purported to contain ... Read More »

                            How Do I Get Out of Vortex Debt Group? – Steve

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                            “Dear Steve, I was married for 3 years and had to take all of our debt when we got a divorce. which is around 23,000 in credit card bills. i have been doing a debt settlement with Vortex Debt Group since febuary and havent gotten anything from it except about $600 less from the payment i have been paying them. ... Read More »

                              Vortex Debt Group Told Me Not to Pay My Credit Cards. How Do I Get Out? – Sam

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                              “Dear Steve, I have over 11,000 credit card debt and I just applied with vortex debt group two months ago which I am think I might of made a mistake. In addition, I am still paying my credit card companies because I was late on one credit card and my minimum jumped from $80 to $217. This was due to ... Read More »

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