My Ex-Husband Screwed Me Over With My Student Loans

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Question: Dear Steve, I paid on consolidated student loans for 10 years religiously. My ex was very shady with money and never paid my loan off (he controlled the finances) as I demanded when we were married and I was making ridiculous $$. It was my goal to pay off 14k I graduated with in …

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I Moved Back to Florida But Concerned My Wages Will be Garnished Over a Student Loan

Question: Dear Steve, Hi, Steve; This is my actual situation: I have a private student loan debt over $35,000 with Chase Bank dated since 2003. After few years making payments I lost my job and moved out of the country for other issues, then last year (06/2019) I moved back with my family (wife and …

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I’m Disabled and Being Sued About Past Due Credit Card Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I am being sued over a $2600 debt with CC company. I am fully disabled. My income comes from two sources, SSDI and private disability insurance. I know that SSDI is not garnishable, however, it’s unclear whether my private disability insurance is garnishable. Wisconsin statues regarding this matter at best are extremely …

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My Student Loan Was Consolidated But I’m Still Being Garnished

Question: Dear Steve, In September of 2016, I had a defaulted student loan that went into wage garnishment. At the time of garnishment, I owed approximately $5000 and additional $2000 in fees and interest for a total of $7000. When the garnishment started I decided to let it go assuming it would be paid in …

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Is There Any Hope to Stop My Student Loan Wage Garnishment and Tax Refund Intercept?

Question: Dear Steve, I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on a 25-year-old student loan for $7,000 which got me in trouble. Any advice you can give me my question is if there is any help out there for me I am paying interest on interest for 25-year-old $7,000 student loan …

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Can You Tell Me the Truth About Stopping My Student Loan Wage Garnishment?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a moderate size of college loans that are in default. I was not and am not able to get a good paying job after school, so I was not able to make payments at all (which looking back on this was stupid that I didn’t try to make some sort …

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