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I Can’t Afford a Lawyer to Stop My Wage Garnishment in Kentucky

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Question: Dear Steve, I had a good paying job and was able to take out a loan to help reestablish my credit. They used a car of mine as collateral and placed a lien on it. I lost the good paying job and was unable to pay the monthly payments. I have a husband who does not have a job ... Read More »

Weak Laws Offer Debtors Little Protection

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by Paul Kiel, ProPublica, and Chris Arnold, NPR, Sep. 16, 2014, 5 a.m. This story was co-published with NPR. Like any American family living paycheck to paycheck, Conrad Goetzinger and Cassandra Rose hope that if they make the right choices, their $13-an-hour jobs will keep the lights on, put food in the fridge and gas in the car. But every ... Read More »

I Was Scared With Wage Garnishment and Paid Again a Debt I Previous Settled

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“Dear Steve, I used to have various payday loans back in 2009-2010 that I settled through a company but somehow back in April of this year, I received a called from my HR Department to let me know that my salary was about to be garnished by an agency because I had a balance of $600; even though I requested ... Read More »

My Car Was Repossessed, My Wages are Garnished and I’m Not Sure if Bankruptcy is Right for Me. – Nancy

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“Dear Steve, I have gotten myself into some serious financial problems. While I know that mine is not as bad as some I am behind on every bill and my car was repossessed last night. I am a single mother to 3 girls and I yes I do have a full time job. My husband passed away in 2003 so ... Read More »

How Can I Get Out of This Judgment and Wage Garnishment?

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“Dear Steve, In 2008, at the age of 18, I moved out of home, into an apartment with a roommate. The rent was high ($1300/mo), and about 4-5 months into the lease, my roommate’s work started to decline. One morning, she up and moved out, and with management (which has since changed, and the rates have lowered) being completely unhelpful, ... Read More »

My Pay is Being Garnished for My Ex-Husbands Debt I Went Along With. – Alisha

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“Dear Steve, In 2006 before my ex-husband and I were married, we obtained a personal loan as joint in the amount of $6,000.00. This loan was initially for him and he made the payments, but I agreed to use my vehicle as collateral. My ex-husband stopped making the payments and as a result my car was repossed and auctioned off ... Read More »

An Old Discover Credit Card Account is Going to Garnish My Wages. – Steve

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“Dear Steve, I have an outstanding debt of 3500.00 to discovery card. they won a judgment against me in 2003 but i was living out of state and was never served. now they are going to garnish my wages. i just found out about this today and there is no way i can afford this. please help. thank you. Steve” ... Read More »

Can My Old Bank Take Me to Collections for a Checking Account? – Mark

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“Dear Steve, In 2006 I had a joint checking account with my mother when she shortly passed away. It was then that the bank informed me that I need to make some payments to cover my mother’s expenses which I did. Other expenses followed but these were bank fees which caused the account to be overdrawn according to the bank. ... Read More »

I Got a Salary Garnishment from Discover Card. – David

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“Dear Steve, I quit paying on my Discover Card back in 2001 because the company I was paying 75 a mo. to scammed me and the balance actually went up after fees and such. I do admit I owed about 1100. left on it but because of the situation I stopped. Now in Oct. another company Weltman, Weinberg and Reis ... Read More »

Discover Card Refused Settlement Offer and Now Garnishing My Wages. – Judith

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I have a Discover card that is in default with a $11,500 balance. I’m a 63yo who is working part time and collecting partial S.S. as well. I only work 15 hours a week so my take home is less then $200 a week. I called Discover and made a cash offer to them to settle the debt same day ... Read More »

American General Sued Us and Now Wants to Garnish Our Wages. – Vicki

“Dear Lewis, We were sued by American General after becoming 2 payments behind. Our biggest problem at the time was New Leaf Debt, that ended up with $5,800 plus. They sent us an email stating to avoid any communication with our creditors. The attorney for American General told us there was no reason for either of us to attend the ... Read More »

US Bank Credit Card Got a Judgment and Wage Garnishment on My Fiancee. –

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“Dear Steve, My fiance had an Old US Bank credit card debt of 6-7K. They have filed a judgment against her and now wage garnishment are in action. She was told 25% of her pay every week would be taken out. Everything was going well, she got promoted at work, called creditors to take care of some old debt and ... Read More »

My Son Just Got Garnished for a Really Old Debt. – Bill

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“Dear Steve, My son, who has always resided in Florida, had a GM credit card that was revoked in February, 1997. At some point, GM purportedly assigned their claim to Household Finance Corporation. Either GM or a purported assignee filed a collection action in 1998. My son was never served. They got a judgment (I assume the judgment was dated ... Read More »

Sallie Mae Wants to Garnish My Wages – Brandon

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“Dear Steve, I owe sallie mae $103,500.00 and have paid them $3600.00 for 3 years on the interest but the loan still stands at the same amount. I have a private and a federal loan both equalling to the above amount. I’ve ran into the same problems as everybody on this site that deals with sallie mae which is they ... Read More »

I’m Living on SSD. Is It True Banks Can’t Touch That? – Vincent

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many times people hear bits and pieces of things and think that they are perennial experts and repeat things that they are not knowledgable about – here is a question that I “heard” from someone and cannot for th elife of me find any information about and the reason why I am asking is that Liz Pulliam Weston on MSN ... Read More »

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