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How Much Can My Wages Be Garnished? – Nancy

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“Dear Steve, I have an old crdeit card debt that has recently sent me a notification that my wages are to be garnished. My question is if I make $900 in two week payperiod how much will they take out of my check? I have alot of other bills and I’m afraid they won’t leave me enought to pay those. ... Read More »

    I’ve Heard if I’m Behind on My Credit Card Account I’m More Likely to Get a Pay Garnishment. – Kat

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    “Dear Steve, I have been following stories on debt lawsuits (unsecured credit card debt) and especially like this one NYT wrote here. One of the 200+ comments that followed mentioned something about since the new CitiBank president entered the picture, the objective is to sue all debt defaulters. How do you know when you’re a target for a debt lawsuit? ... Read More »

      I’m Now Working in California But Getting My Wages Garnished From Another State. Can They Do This? – Jay

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      Jay “Dear Steve, I lost my job and my credit card sued me back when I lived in Michigan in early 2009 and they obtained a judgement with the local Michigan court. I have since moved to California and I’m employed by a CA employer (it’s actually a federal bank with offices throughout the USA but I live and work ... Read More »

        I’m a Grandmother and Getting My Social Security Check Garnished For Student Loans. – Janis

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        “Dear Steve, I’m a 68 yr old grandma of 2 young (10/14 yr old) grandchildren. I went to college to upgrade my employment status in 1998 or 1999, I don’t remember. I finished in 2000 and at that time had a student loan balance of about 3500.00. Could not find a job and had to request forbarence to carry me. ... Read More »

          My Wages are Going to be Garnished on My Next Paycheck. – Veronica

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          “Dear Steve, I just received an email from payroll telling me a wage garnishment will commence on my next paycheck. I never received any documentation telling me I was being sued in the first place. Veronica” The Answer Dear Veronica, Garnished for what and by whom? Is this a student loan debt by chance? Read More »

            My Wages Are Being Garnished For a Lawsuit By My Husband’s Old Boss – Johnnie

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            “Dear Steve, Here is how it happened my husband deceided to start his own business while he was still working and it was the same business that he was working in. Well his boss found out and fired him then came the drama. His boss then sued us and we had no income except for our credit cards so we ... Read More »

              Can the Collection Agency Really Garnish My Wages Without Going to Court? – Ellen

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              “Dear Steve, I have a credit card debt that is going on three years. It has now been turned over to a collection agency wanting me to pay a huge amount to settle that I cannot afford, I offered monthly payments that I could afford, and now they say they are going to garnish my wages. Can that you done ... Read More »

                I’m Married, Separated, and Facing a Wage Garnishment. – Lynde

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                Lynde “Dear Steve, Married, but separated, mother of 2 children (7 & 4). Multiple debts in collections, including a signature loan and husband’s repossessed truck. Both of which is in both of our names. I’m not receiving any child support as I am unable to locate husband. I have been contacted by the creditor of our signature loan. The payment ... Read More »

                  I Was Scammed By a Debt Consolidation Company in New York. – Maria

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                  “Dear Steve, Because of a family situation I was forced to go into debt consolidation with a company in NY. I went into contract with them. I paid my monthly amount for one year. At the first of the month of November, I received a legal notice, from a law firm in Miami that this company, headed by a lawyer, ... Read More »

                    I’m So Far in Debt I Don’t Know What to Do – Gloria

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                    Gloria “Dear Steve, I have gotten behind in mortgage vehicle and monthly payments. I have so many collection agencies contacting me that I don’t even know how far into debt I am. I have credit card debt that is above $10,000. My husband is laid off of work. I am being garnished . i just don’t know what to do ... Read More »

                      Can the Collection Agency Garnish My Unemployment? – Andrea

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                      “Dear Steve, I was laid off in January 2009 and I am currently receiving an unempolyment check of $247.00 weekly from the state of North Carolina plus the federal unemployment COLA of $25.00. Both these checks are directly deposited to my checking account. These checks barely cover rent, food and gas. This area of North Carolina has one of the ... Read More »

                        I’m Making Payments Through The Court But Now Getting My Pay Garnished. – Brandy

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                        Brandy “Dear Steve, This is my situation, I took out a christmas with the intentions to pay it back. I quite did not get much back form my taxes and was not able to pay it right back. The owner filed small suit on mine and my husband’s behalf, and the only thing that I can do is pay on ... Read More »

                          Wage Garnishment Exemptions and Garnish Wages Information By State

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                          If you have questions or concerns about having a garnish of wages this information below will help you to better understand what the wage garnishment laws exemptions are by state. If you have any worries or specific questions about wage garnishment or getting your wages garnished in your state, you need to find an attorney licensed in your state to ... Read More »

                            I’ve Been Unemployed And Behind on My Discover Card. They Are Suing Me. – Liz

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                            Liz “Dear Steve, I have been unemployed due to downsizing since June 2008. I fell behind on my Discover card payments, and now they are suing me for $10,000 plus court costs and interest. I can’t make ends meet on my unemployment check, and even that is due to run out in May. I am receiving food stamps and will ... Read More »

                              I Owe Navy Federal Credit Union $17,000. – Garr

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                              Garr “Dear Steve, I owe Navy Federal Credit Union $17,000 the account is charge off but they are take legal act to garnishment or civil suit i am not sure they take a settlement. Garr” The Answer   Dear Garr, The issue here that you need to take some action to intervene here instead of just watching the bus hit ... Read More »

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