Wells Fargo Facing Penalties Over Ignoring Student Loan Included in Bankruptcy

One of our very own student loan attorneys, Austin Smith, recently scored an important victory on a Wells Fargo student loan. Austin said, “I confess when we filed this case, I was hoping Wells Fargo would quickly see that we were right, acknowledge the mistake, and fix it. And naively, I thought they might be … Read more

How Can I Deal With My Wells Fargo Private Student Loans for My Caribbean Medical School

Question: Dear Steve, I really need some help. Every lawyer I reach is looking for a consult fee and I am not sure if there is a solution for me and at this time just cannot afford the $500 consult fee. I am happy to pay if I know there is a solution and this … Read more

I’m Screwing Myself Out of Retirement With My Wells Fargo Private Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, I took out both federal and private student loans to pay for college, and was approved by Wells Fargo for more than I can pay back in reasonable increments each month with my current salary (roughly $565/month). The federal loan payments I have each month are quite manageable, but the private loan … Read more

I Want to Become a Financial Adviser But My Debt is Holding Me Back

Question: Dear Steve, In my late 20’s. Building my book of business as a financial advisor Currently making approx. $10k a yr 3 Credit cards totalling approx. $15k w/just over $15k total credit line; approx. $500/mth payments Rent: $400/mth Car: $2100 left; $260/mth payment 2014 taxes: $6000 balance 2015 taxes: $2000 balance Great Lakes Fed … Read more

AES is Not Willing to Help Me With an Affordable Private Student Loan Payment

Question: Dear Steve, Several years back my married daughter had been working and due do the economy had been losing many jobs. She decided to go back to school to hopefully get a better job. Of course to make all this happen she needed to apply for student loans. In order to get the loans … Read more