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Wells Fargo Repossess And Tries to Sell Car Woman Owned Outright

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Mistakes happen. But in this case Wells Fargo apparently made a doozie. A Tacoma Washington woman had her totally paid off car repossessed and taken to the auction house for sale. Now we all know that kind of thing happens when you fail to make your payments but in this case the woman had the clear title to her car ... Read More »

    Case Concludes Bank Intentionally Cleared Checks and Debit Cards to Generate Largest Overdraft Revenue

    Wells Fargo Before and After

    A class action lawsuit (3:07-cv-05923-WHA) that was previously filed against Wells Fargo has come to a conclusion that the bank was intentionally clearing transactions in order to create the largest amount of overdraft revenue. In fact 40% of its overdraft revenue was generated from only 4% of its customers. This is a tactic that a banker shared with me over ... Read More »

      Will Banks Negotiate My Student Loans? – Russell

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      “Dear Steve, 4-1/2 years ago I decided to go back to school for Dental Hygiene. My wife would not let me work during the four years of school and her income did not quite meet all our expenses. I took out private loans to pay for school and living expenses plus rolled an old HELOC loan into our fianal school ... Read More »

        My Mother Was In An Accident And Lost Her Job And Can’t Pay – Paula

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        “Dear Steve, My mother was in an accident and lost her job, we lost our tenant in our house for about 6 months in which bills got backed up, credit cards and loans were used to pay for the bills since my mom’s income was gone. She got a new job but does not make much, my father is the ... Read More »

          Our Attorney is Advising Us to File Bankruptcy But I Don’t Know. – Andy

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          Andy “Dear Steve, About four years ago, my wife lost her job. She was having difficulty getting a job and used credit cards hoping she could get a job soon and we could repay them. Unfortunately, when she finally did get a job about six months ago (earning about 40% of her previous income), we are buried in about 120K ... Read More »

            Where Can I Go For a Fixed Rate Mortgage? – Stephanie

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            “Dear Steve, I am backwards on my mortgage and it’s a five year arm will re-set in June with a HELOC. I need to refinance! I am paying interest only on my Sallie Mae loan this year and putting all my money into paying-off the HELOC. My credit score is 740 and all of my credit cards are paid off ... Read More »

              Can I Reduce My Credit Card Debt by 50% to 70% and Pay It Off Without Damaging My Credit? – Robert

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              “Dear Steve, Recently had to take a 30% decrease in my Income, due to this I have maxed out my wells fargo credit card, they also just raised the percentage to 13.44%, Can I negotiate a 50-70% deduction of my Credit card balance and pay it off with out it effecting my credit? can i get them to reduce my ... Read More »

                What Can I Do to Get a Loan Modification With Wells Fargo? – Mark

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                “Dear Steve, Life happened. Doctor bills, behind on payments, everything. I just received a Notice of Default and Intention to Accelerate on my mortgage from a lawyer. I was working with the mortgage company – Wells Fargo for a Loan Modification. It was in process and haven’t heard from them. I kept checking their online tool and it always said ... Read More »

                  Was My Wells Fargo Private Student Loan Really Discharged in My Bankruptcy? – Linda

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                  “Dear Steve, In 2007, I filed Ch 7 bankruptcy and I was told my private student loan w/ Wells Fargo was not discharged. Move ahead to Sept 2009. I was served papers from a local debt collection lawyer in CO about collecting this debt. I negotiated a settlement and am awaiting to see the final paperwork concerning the settlement prior ... Read More »

                    Wells Fargo Bank Offering Title Loans. I Think the Ad is Misleading.


                    I saw an advertisement online just a minute ago. It surprised me. Consolidate Using Vehicle Consolidate Bills & Reduce Monthly Payments Using Your Vehicle-Apply! Now you can refinance your used car, which is not a new thing, companies have been doing this for years. But this is the first time I can remember that a major bank will refinance a ... Read More »

                      I Was Laid Off and Burned Through My Savings. – Tom

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                      Tom “Dear Steve, I was laid off last year and out of work for 5 months. That burned through my savings. I got a one year contract position which has now ended. I have $45K of unsecured credit and a $6K balance on a secured auto loan. Since I am out of work, I contacted my lender, Wells Fargo Bank, ... Read More »

                        Slowdown nails contractors: Dozens of Idaho small business owners

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                        Slowdown nails contractors: Dozens of Idaho small business owners ... Idaho Business Review, United States - 2 hours ago Most of the rest of their liabilities consist of medical bills, a car loan and credit card debt . · Boise home builder and contractor Russ Iverson filed for ... Read More »

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