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Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1401947

Consumer Said: “XXXX from the University of XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX. In XX/XX/XXXX I was diagnosed with a XXXX. Working as a regional airline pilot during time of medical leave we are not paid. During this time I was unable to pay my extremely high student loan payment of {$1000.00} a month. After contacting the lender they offered no assistance with ... Read More »

    Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1402041

    Consumer Said: “I took out this loan a long time ago when I was working on my XXXX degree. I recently about a XXXX ago finished my XXXX Degree. I have a private student loan with Wells Fargo. I explained to them that as of right now the XXXX dollar monthly payment would not be feasible due to unexpected expenses ... Read More »

      Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1402973

      Consumer Said: “I took out a private student loan from Wells Fargo Bank with my mom as a co-signer. This loan is to fund a XXXX program at XXXX XXXX University in XXXX, CA. The loan is now in default, but I made an agreement to still pay monthly payments of $ XXXX/month. However, I stopped the automatic payments for ... Read More »

        Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1399407

        Consumer Said: “My son attended XXXX XXXX and received private loans from Wells Fargo in addition to Federal loans. Wells Fargo carries the majority of his loans. My complaint is the interest rates these banks charge. I am the co-signer on these loans as well. I believe in paying your student loans, however, I have a problem when I am ... Read More »

          Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1399590

          Consumer Said: “There was a fraudulent late fee added to monthly payment. Statement history does not match the information that servicers are giving me. According to information provided by Wells Fargo, the late fee is n’t a late fee, but rather accrued interest placed in the late fee section because there was nowhere else to put it ”, despite there ... Read More »

            Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1399390

            Consumer Said: “Wells Fargo & Company, has refused to provide me a referral to Identity Theft Assistance Center ( ITAC ). Because I have been a victim of identity theft I have been subject to significant financial problems and expenses as a result of Wells Fargo & Company failing to provide a referral to ITAC. I am demanding immediately, that ... Read More »

              Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1396703

              Consumer Said: “I have both Federal and private loans ; fortunately, the income-based repayment for the federal loans requires a reasonable payment ( XXXX-time ever I am grateful for a XXXX ), but the private loan will not consider the fact that with its MASSIVE payment requirement, over half of my monthly salary goes towards student loans. It is crippling ... Read More »

                Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1392514

                Consumer Said: “Wells Fargo has been contacting me to collect a payment for a private student loan I received when I attended XXXX XXXX University in XXXX XXXX, XXXX from XXXX to XXXX. I have discussed with debt collection reps that I am currently unemployed and can not make a payment at this time. I was able to defer my ... Read More »

                  Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1437910

                  Consumer Said: “I ‘m writing to complain about what I think are excessive Late Fee charges over time. After deferring payments on this private loan for the maximum time, a year, because I was n’t earning enough income to make my payments, I had to start making payments. I was fortunate enough to get a XXXX job so I could ... Read More »

                    Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1422003

                    Consumer Said: “wells Fargo has denied my application for a cheaper payment, citing my cosigners income as the reason. My cosigner is actually in dire straits himself and is in the process of filing chapter XXXX. I ca n’t keep making the payments they want ( 35 % of monthly income ), I do n’t have the money to pay ... Read More »

                      Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1419683

                      Consumer Said: “I can not believe that Wells Fargo has made such a huge error and reported me late on XXXX 2015 when I made a payment. This brings me to question and dispute all the late payments they are disputing and I wonder how many times I made a payment and they still reported me late. This is not ... Read More »

                        Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1416717

                        Consumer Said: “I asked for some deferment or forbearance for my private student loans while I am serving in the XXXX XXXX but they say they can not defer for more than 6 months.” Date Complaint Filed With CFPB: 06/11/2015 Product: Student loan Type: Non-federal student loan Issue: Can’t repay my loan State of Consumer: NY Company Public Response: Company ... Read More »

                          Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1301671

                          CFPB Consumer Complaints

                          Consumer Said: “Wells Fargo offered me a loan to finance a car several years ago. The rate was 23 %. I signed the loan. The car after XXXX years became worthless. I relinquished the car. They took it back. That was about XXXX years ago. They then went to XXXX when I tried to have the write off removed from ... Read More »

                            Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1314322

                            CFPB Consumer Complaints

                            Consumer Said: “I am the Executor of the Estate of XXXX XXXX. The focus on forgery, fabrication and misrepresentation ( robo-signing ) is important. After all this shows fraudulent intent. First, I have repeatedly requested copies from Wells Fargo reverse mortgage loan department asking : Where is the original promissory note or mortgage the decease XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX supposedly ... Read More »

                              Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1290532

                              CFPB Consumer Complaints

                              Consumer Said: “This complaint is against Wells Fargo Bank for violations of the terms and conditions of Federal government ‘s mortgage modification program ( HARP ). Violations of the law include but are not limited to the following:1 ) A blatant miscalculation of income. ( Adding a 25 % increase in income on a household contributor even when it was ... Read More »

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