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Can you advise my mom on what to do as a recent widow left with credit card debt? – Tonya

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My Mom is a recent widow (dec.2-2011) and didn’t know the extent of credit card debt that my Dad had aquired. Two of the cards were in her name.. the approximate debt is 28,000.00 high interest and No insurance. Income tax has not been filed in 2the yrs either.. help! She has been responsible and paid her cards off in ... Read More »

    I Was Widowed a Few Weeks Ago and Left With Debt. – Jerry

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    “Dear Steve, I was widowed just a few weeks ago and we were living on Social Security with no retirement income. Now I will only have my husband’s Social Security and not mine so will be trying to make it with less income. I have balances of $5200, $6200, and $7500 on three credit cards and know I will never ... Read More »

      My Father Passed Away. My Mother Was Only an Authorized User. – JB

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      “Dear Steve, Recent widow as authorized user and credit card debt. My father passed away a couple weeks ago and I have been trying to help my mom with her finances. As I’m sure you know, she lost a SS check so now she is trying to work through her budget. My father and she had two credit cards which ... Read More »

        I Am Now Widowed and Left With Credit Card Debt I Can’t Afford on Social Security. – Lula

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        “Dear Steve, I am a widow, as of Nov 14,2009. I now reside in Missouri. I was left with credit card debt totaling apx. $10,000. I have been trying to keep up the monthly payments but it is getting impossible to do so. I am having to do without meds and groceries. At some point I may have to stop ... Read More »

          Widow or Widower: How to Handle the Bills After the Death of a Loved One

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          You’ll go through a tremendous amount of emotional and financial stress after losing a spouse. Trying to take charge of all the household responsibilities while making important decisions about your future can seem overwhelming. This publication is designed to help you take control of one small, but very important, part of your financial life: the bills. As soon as possible ... Read More »

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