DebtGoal is Way Too Expensive to Justify. Walk on By.

A press release about this company DebtGoal crossed my desk today. DebtGoal is actually GoalSpring Financial, Inc. Anyway here is the press release about this service that I think is way too expensive. “SAN FRANCISCO, March 25 /PRNewswire/ — DebtGoal (www.debtgoal.com), the leader in online do-it-yourself debt management, today announced the appointment of two personal …

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I’m Looking for Bankcard Holders of America and their Debt Zapper But Can’t Find Them. – Hans

“Dear Steve, I am still current with credit card (minimum) payments on my $47K balance with 5 cards which I accumulated after starting a business a couple of years ago with some success, but having to incur quite a lot of personal debt during the economic downturn last year to pay bills, and I need …

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