You Will Love Damon Day. He Guarantees It.

Why Damon Day is Exceptional and Why I Recommend Him

Damon Day is a debt coach I’ve known since 2009. I’ve mentored him since then, and I’ve tried to share all the information I know from decades of experience helping good people with bad debt.

It is not uncommon that Damon and I will talk multiple times a day about a consumer situation and brainstorm on how to deal with it. I get to share my decades of experience and Damon works closely with people in trouble.

Since I no longer sell debt relief services or work with individuals, I recommend people contact Damon for a one-on-one telephone consultation.

If you are looking for a solution for a complicated, difficult, or complex debt problem, it would be hard to find someone more talented than Damon.

One of his skills is to create customized solutions for individual situations. Unlike most debt relief companies with one type of widget to sell, Damon knows how to use a little of this or a little of that to help people get headed towards a better future.

He is also skilled at understanding that thinking about the future is as important as repairing your financial past. That is a rare skill in the debt relief world.

People panic when they are in debt and often focus on dealing with all the problem debt without considering the large financial loss of not planning for days to come. What good is it to have sleepless nights over $25,000 worth of debt when your fear of the situation will cause you to make mistakes costing you $300,000 in lost retirement income?

One thing you will find is that Damon will tell you the truth about your options and help guide you towards better days ahead.

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