Money Personality Quiz and Test. What Are Your Spending Habits?

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So What’s Your Money Personality? Let’s Find Out.

Are you a balanced spender/investor or are you a Binge Spender? A Big Spender or a Micromanager? Take this fun quiz to find out which money personality best describes your style of money management. You may find that two or more answers to some questions seem correct in describing you. In that case, select the answer that is most like you. Keep in mind that everyone is a blend of all the major personalities and that each type has both good and bad qualities to it.

Discovering your money personality is important. It will give you a much needed awareness about how to approach your spending and saving habits.

Are you a spender at heart? Well knowing your money personality type will help to make you more aware when you spend and give you a fighting chance to make good decisions knowing your underlying tendencies.

Taking the Money Personality Test is Simple

All you need to do is honestly answer the questions below and press the submit button at the very bottom. Once you do, your money personality will be displayed.

Taking the Test is Anonymous

No information is stored about people that take the test.

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1. When it comes to vacations…
A. I love to plan every detail and expense.
B. I try to make them as inexpensive as possible or do not take them at all.
C. I plan for it to cost within a range because I know that I may spend more than a specific dollar amount.
D. I don’t plan at all, the whole point is to have fun isn’t it?.
E. I just hope that I have enough to pay for it.

2. At the end of each month…
A. I always seem to end up short.
B. I can tell you how much I will have left almost to the penny.
C. I am never sure if I will come out a bit ahead or a bit behind each month.
D. I don’t keep track of my money too closely, but I know that I will come out ahead each month.

3. My money goal is…
A. to save as much as possible.
B. to have enough to pay for my basic needs and have some left over to save or invest.
C. to have enough to buy whatever I want.
D. to be able to treat myself every now and then.
E. I don’t really have any goals.

4. Which of the following Beatles song titles best describes your relationship with money?
A. Help!.
B. The Long and Winding Road.
C. I Feel Fine.
D. Here, There & Everywhere.

5. If I found a suitcase containing $100,000…
A. I would be thrilled and try to figure out how to make it grow while using it for my own enjoyment.
B. I would be very excited because now I could get anything I wanted.
C. I would want to save and/or invest it, but would likely take a big chunk and splurge on myself and loved ones.
D. I would have no idea what to do with it.
E. I would carefully explore very conservative investments and/or put it in the bank.

6. Which of the following statements most accurately describes your feelings about credit cards?
A. I am always surprised by how much I have put on them when I get the bill each month.
B. I probably use them too much, but it rarely bothers me.
C. I rarely use them or pay them off every month.
D. I don’t use them at all.
E. I use them too much and it bothers me.

7. Saving Money…
A. is my primary goal.
B. is hard. It seems that as soon as I get a little put away, an unexpected bill comes up and I have to take it right back out again.
C. is something I do without fail. I have a carefully designed plan in which I put some money away each month.
D. is something I try to do regularly. I try to put aside the same amount each month, although there may be some months where it is a bit higher or lower than usual .
E. is something I think I may have read about in a book once .

8. When I feel down in the dumps, spending money…
A. always makes me feel better.
B. on ways to make lots more money makes me feel better.
C. is not what I do to make me feel better .
D. makes me feel worse. Saving money helps me feel better.
E. is not something I would do. Reviewing my budget to make sure that I have enough money makes me feel better.

9. My budget…
A. is tremendous fun! I love playing with it each month and making sure that everything has its place.
B. could use some work. No matter how hard I try, I just seem to come up short or to barely make it each month.
C. is usually pretty accurate. Its not something I necessarily love doing, but I do feel good about making it work.
D. is something that I get very nervous thinking about or doing.
E. is something I think I may have read about in a book once.

10. My investment philosophy can be described as follows (even if you are not investing, imagine how you would be):
A. I don’t believe in investments; I keep everything in the bank.
B. I analyze each investment very carefully and tend to be very conservative.
C. I analyze investments carefully and tend to have a balanced portfolio of somewhat conservative and somewhat risky ventures.
D. I go by my gut; my investments tend to be on the risky side.
E. I get very nervous and confused when thinking about investing.

11. When I bought my car…
A. I bought what I liked and worried about the cost later.
B. I ended up spending more than I had planned.
C. I found a compromise between what I wanted and what I could afford.
D. I very carefully researched every detail, ensuring that it would fit into my budget and made sure that I got exactly what I had planned.
E. I didn’t really do any research, I was more worried about whether or not they would accept me for financing.

12. Which of the following books would be most helpful to you?
A. “Basic Tools of Budget Development”
B. “How to Make Money and Hold Onto It”
C. “How to Maximize Your Investments”
D. I should be the one writing the book on money management.

13. When it comes to retirement…
A. I am very systematic about planning for my future and feel reasonably confident that I will have enough to retire comfortably on.
B. I may not always save as much as I could or should, but am saving on a consistent basis and feel pretty confident that I will not have any problems.
C. I am somewhat worried as I have such a difficult time saving any money .
D. I am quite anxious, as I don’t have any savings for the future and don’t really know where to turn to in order to learn how .
E. I don’t have any savings but am not too worried, the future will take care of itself.

14. When it comes to paying taxes…
A. it’s not exactly my favorite thing to focus on; I usually have a professional do them.
B. I don’t understand them and just sort of hope for the best each year.
C. I always seem to be scrambling to get organized each year and often end up owing more than I thought or hoped I would.
D. I plan and save regularly for my taxes. I may even do them myself and enjoy the experience.
E. I just sort of deal with it as it comes up; taxes are not a major concern or priority for me.

15. Which of the following statements best describes how you feel about your income?
A. I am doing o.k. with what I make, but a little more to put aside or invest would be nice.
B. It would be nice to have some extra money for when the credit card bills are higher than what I anticipated.
C. I could use a lot more than I am making right now to get the things I have always wanted.
D. Everyone can always use more money, I am just not sure how much more I would need.

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