6 Ways You Can Help

First off, let me clearly say that I am not asking you for any money to help me continue my mission of helping others. While there is a donate button on the side of the site, giving me money is not required in any way and I only encourage people to do that if doing that “speaks to them” and for no other reason. I help people for free and without a fee because that is what I chose to do.

But there are some very simple, free, and easy ways you can help me to help others. These helpful tips require nothing more than a minute of your time.

Six Perfectly Free Ways to Help Me Help Others

  • On each article or question and answer there are links to share the page. If you find any of the questions helpful then please bookmark them using those links on one of the social search engines like Digg or StumbleUpon by clicking on one of the little icons. Your bookmarking will result in free traffic for this site. The more traffic this site gets the more people we are able to help.
  • Comment and offer your feedback and opinion. Participating in the discussion or solutions only helps this site to become a richer and better resource. If I forgot to offer some advice that you think I should have or you have a kind word to offer to the people writing in, share it in the comments section, please.
  • Mention this site and place a link to it as many places as possible on the web. Forums and advice sites with public forums would be good locations.
  • Tell a friend about this site using the share link as well link near the top of each question and answer article.
  • Link to this site from yours. You’ll never be able to know the number of people you will have helped by doing that but that is a huge help. If you believe in a higher power then the link you place on your site or online might be the very link that person in trouble needed to find at that moment of fear and panic. Linking helps in ways you will never know. It always has and it always will.
  • Subscribe to the site RSS feed so you can stay posted on the latest information posted.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support.

A really, really big hug.