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3 thoughts on “Submit a Debt Relief Press Release for Free”

  1. Steve, I have a follow up to your shocking post.


    Tony Diab has an arrest warrant filed by the Nevada BAR
    Diab-Tony-1-14-19-Disbarment.pdf (nvbar.org)

    He is now behind the shell of Phoenix Law – they admitted to me that they bought his business and when I called fraud they went 100% silent.

    c/o William Taylor Carss BAR# 218460, Principal
    c/o John M. Thompson, BAR# 217998
    c/o Tony Diab, BAR # 277343, DISBARRED
    3347 Michelson Drive
    Suite 400
    Irvine, CA 92612
    c/o Karen, Account Manager

    The Office of the Chief Trial Counsel told me to file a criminal complaint. So I contacted both the Irvine and Tustin Police Department and they both declined to do anything even though I was damaged, and the BAR issued instructions to arrest him. He has clearly paid off very influential people. When I called out the police departments for fraud and corruption, they too went silent.

    Does this mean the SCOTUS case for Bruen June 2022 applies? Do we need to form common law courts in California and do citizens arrests and hold our own courts of law and equity?


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