Insane Couponers: Savey-Savvy Perp!

“Extreme couponers” are seen by many as selfish, greedy hoarders. Thanks to those showcased on the TLC disaster show, “Extreme Couponing”, I’d have to generally agree. Perhaps we should label this new breed of couponers, those that hoard or manipulate the system as: Insane Couponers.

Insane Couponers are popping up left and right, north and south, and anywhere in-between. Denton, Texas saw it’s own share of an Insane Couponer in June when Sybil Hobson of Denton was arrested with a charge of “fraudulent destruction or removal or concealment of writing.” What does this have to do with couponing you ask?

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Hobson had been caught stealing coupon inserts off of papers in Denton. A large sweep of coupon thefts had been occurring in the area so a newspaper vendor hired a man to watch local newspaper stands and vending boxes to try to catch the savey-savvy perp!

On June 5th the hired man called the police to let them know while on his coupon-snatcher stakeout he had witnessed a woman stealing coupon packets off of papers. She had paid for one paper but proceeded to snatch the coupons from each paper in the box.

Apparently the man followed her from one box to another where he confronted her about her stealing. He told her the police had been called and she had been instructed to wait with him. To no surprise, she fled the scene.

The man was able to describe Hobson and her vehicle to the police and she has since been arrested. Her original charge was a Class C theft but the District Attorney’s office bumped it up to a Class As as a “more serious charge was appropriate.”

This crime results in up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine. I hope she found a “Get Out Of Jail Free” coupon card in one of those packets she stole. She’s going to need it.

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Source: Denton Record Chronicle