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I delayed for years writing an about me page. But after several recent requests, I thought I’d finally breakdown and do it.

My Life Philosophy

Life trumps debt. Happiness trumps sorrow.
Kindness trumps evil. Good wins. Practice Safe Debt.

I try to live my life and conduct business by a very simple mantra, “If you do good things, good things happen.” For the most part, I have lived that philosophy and have spent nearly all my adult life helping others.

If you follow this site you will find I extend that belief by also investing in financial literacy projects through DonorsChoose.org and Kiva.org to help people start small businesses all around the world. Here is my Kiva.org page.

Now the Debt Stuff

In 1990 I went bankrupt after the economy tanked and my real estate company failed. You can watch the video of that experience below.

After having lived through tough money troubles in 1994 I founded a non-profit organization to help people find a path through their financial troubles and solutions for debt problems.

At that time the group was called Debt Counselors of America. We later changed the name to Myvesta. It was amazing how many people struggled with spelling both debt and counselors.

During my time there the organization grew from two employees to seventy. The larger the group got the less fun it was and not long after my cross country motorcycle tour (which you can watch here) where I interviewed people about credit and debt, I decided life was more important than working myself to death.

So in early 2004, I stepped down as president of Myvesta for a year to spend time enjoying life and my family more. My daughter was getting ready to graduate from high school and I wanted to make up for all the time I had missed by working far too hard.

I remained the chairman of the board and returned a year later as president. In 2006 I closed the organization down when our big office lease expired. From the experience, I learned I loved helping people but I hated managing a big organization. It just wasn’t fun.

During my time at Myvesta, we created the first organization of its kind that had a wide range of help and support for people with money troubles. We had staff psychologists, lawyers, mediators, employment specialists, CPAs, tax experts, etc. We even opened the first inpatient treatment program for compulsive spending issues. Our work got a lot of positive press. We did amazing things.

I had a syndicated Q&A advice column that ran in 50 papers and I guess that’s where I got the writing bug. I also wrote three books during that time. You can download them for free from this site.

I also did a lot of television and radio appearances as a consumer debt expert. I’ve been on FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and local stations. I also had my own radio show as well. I was constantly interviewed by newspapers during that time also.

I am now an investigative reporter and journalist that specializes in covering consumer debt and the debt relief world.

I’m also the author of two of the top six personal finance books on iTunes.

During my years helping people I’ve also worked with some celebrities that had money troubles as their personal coach and I appeared as a money coach on the television reality show, Starting Over.

After my Myvesta days, I then started a global social enterprise, the Myvesta Foundation, to help people in other parts of the world that had financial troubles. In 2006 and 2007 I lived outside Liverpool, England where I worked to create solutions to help UK residents with debt problems.

I’ve been invited to Parliament to offer advice on financial literacy and I also assisted in the creation of debt help groups in Ireland, South Africa, and the Netherlands and traveled extensively in Europe studying the different debt assistance approaches of the different countries. In 2007 I was a guest speaker at a conference in Berlin.

Here are some debt interviews I shot outside the Tower of London one day while I lived in England.

In 2008 we came back to the United States on a trip. The one really cool part was taking the helicopter from JFK to Manhattan at night.

During that trip, we spent three weeks driving from New York to San Francisco, and during that trip, I fell in love with America all over again and got homesick. It also reminded me how much I missed being a pilot. I obtained my private pilot license in 1988.

Not long later we moved back to the United States I started to spend my time helping people for free with debt problems through the GetOutOfDebt.org site.

I think testimonials speak louder than any words I could write and for me, they are more important. If you’d like to read some about me, click here.

So Who am I?

First, let me get the non-debt stuff out of the way. My favorite thing used to be long road trips on my motorcycle. My wife and I have had some big adventures on the bike and rode down the East Coast to Key West, FL. I also rode across the United States from Maryland to California.

I am a firefighter and Chief Pilot with a local fire department where I am responsible for drone and Unmanned Aircraft System operations for search & rescue and emergency services. My callsign is Fire Demon 1.

My love of aviation got me back in the airplane again and I’ve since obtained my licenses as an instrument and commercial pilot. I now fly the airplane as a firefighter pilot in search and rescue and law enforcement operations.

Dogs are amazing and as a dog lover, I’ve done a lot of dog rescue flights to save the lives of dogs. Most of my flights are from kill shelters down South to rescue up North who have people waiting who can adopt these dogs.

I also happen to be a scuba diver, although I have not been diving in many years. When I was in high school I started a small company cleaning the bottom of racing sailboats in Annapolis, Maryland. I had some amazing experiences as a scuba diver, everything from being shot at, doing a crystal clear deepwater dive on a moonlit night, to one day surfacing in front of a naked lady standing on the bank.

My favorite aircraft I have flown were the large two engine WWII era C-47, an open cockpit Stearman biplane, and one of those large full motion commercial aircraft simulators of an Airbus A-320.

My other interest is photography. I studied photojournalism in college and have done freelance work for news services and Rolling Stone magazine. These days I shoot stills and video mostly for my own fun, while I do have some stock work for sale.

The broadcast quality version of this clip of mine was used in a travel show.

I also happen to rescue and digitally restore WWII original 16mm gun camera films and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many fighter pilots that flew primarily Mustangs and Thunderbolts over Europe in WWII. Amazing guys.

My hobby grew into a business where I rescued and restored thousands and thousands of rare aviation flight and pilot manuals. I sold those manuals online through my aviation site to researchers and people that restore rare aircraft.

“Recently Steve Rhode came to speak to our group at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. Our members loved his restored films and strongly support his important mission of saving aviation history and making it available to everyone. For those of us who love aviation and aviation history, his is a unique site that everyone must visit.”

As far as my working life. I went through the Georgetown University Medical School ophthalmic technology program and became an expert in ophthalmic ultrasonography and photography.

During my medical days, I did routine eye care and was on-call for emergency eye care for a large practice in Florida. Later in Maryland, I became an ophthalmic surgical assistant and participated in a number of surgeries.

The strangest was probably the removal of a live wiggling parasite from inside the eye of a teenage girl. I also happened to be involved in the development of intraocular lenses for dogs to help restore vision and performed, I think, the first ophthalmic ultrasound to measure the proper lens need for canine surgery at Duke University.

I was the co-editor and wrote chapters in my book Ophthalmic Technology which was published by Raven Press. My ophthalmology life expanded and I traveled around the country teaching classes and spoke at national conferences. I went on to manage a medium-sized ophthalmic practice in New York.

In 1989 I decided I wanted to do something different with my life so I left my successful ophthalmology life behind and move back to Washington, DC area to start a real estate development company, The Great Virginia Land Company, that specialized in developing property in the country. And eventually, that’s what led to my bankruptcy and the beginning of my story.


  • Steve for the last five years I’m been teaching technology and computers to inmates for The Geo Group, Inc. a company that is under contract in Florida to house and run private prisons for the State. Do you think it would be possible to get the last $9k of my student loans forgiven since I’ve been teaching inmates? Does teaching at a private prison qualify me to receive loan forgiveness?

    • It’s an admirable goal but because it is a private prison and you were not employed by a government agency, I don’t see how you would qualify for federal student loan forgiveness.

  • I too have gotten a letter from debt referral center in las vegas back in May 2018. My husband died in march of 2018 and just ran across this notice last night. I don’t remember this notice and I evidently did not respond. I did get a letter from Repay and send them money every month. I am very low income. When I checked into bankruptcy I was told I don’t make enough to go bankrupt. I talked with a lady at repay and she said I really don’t need to pay anything but this is a legit debt and I continue to pay even tho my balance seems to go up instead of down. Any advice?

  • Thank you for the stories about Americor Funding and similar outfits. I was close to signing up with them but will now give it a 2nd, 3rd and 4th thought.

  • I dо not evenn know hоw I stopped սp ɦere,
    hoԝeveг I Ƅelieved thi post ԝas once good. I don’t recognize ᴡho yοu aге
    however definiteⅼy you are going tօ a well-known blogger if you ɑren’t already.

  • My boyfriend got his car repossed by his credit union in June. Here it is September and they have t done anything with it he is still being charged late fees and interest

  • I was wondering if world law group is legit..i talked with them for hours the other day and the more i ponder over it, i’m just not sure. I am hoping for it to work but did i just sign up for a scam.? Please advise [email protected]

  • Hello Stave,
    I have problem paying my debs, actually I have over $12,000 deb on credit cards and another $14,000 on a unsecure loan from lending club.
    Not sure what is the best option for me, but What I really know I can not complete my minimum payments. Can you help me out taking the best solution?

  • Hi Steve,
    What are your thoughts about the dischargeability of debt that is taken out specifically to pay off existing student loan debt, such as credit card cash advances or unsecured personal bank signature loans? With a certain amount of seasoning of say 12+ months, would the new debt that was taken out likely be considered as dischargeable?

  • Hello Steve, I am a failure at investment. I am now 61 but in excellent health with an excellent 80 K a year job. What do you think of investing in a duplex and then going 501K and index funds?

  • I just read your article on what questions to ask a debt settlement company and am glad because we are supposed to receive a e-mail contract tomorrow. I now know what questions to ask and look out for. Are there any legitimate debt settlement companies out there or are they all a scam-?

    • There are some good companies out there. The tough part is finding a company who will make sure you are using the best approach for your individual situation and not just selling you settlement because that’s what they sell. I’m glad I was able to help in some small way. Thanks for the comment.

      • Steve, my husband and I were affected by the economy tank in 2009. We went with a debt consolidation company called Lloyd Ward and Associates out of Addison Texas. We had six accounts with them with one being settled over a 4 year period. Today Lloyd Ward doesnt seem to “EXIST” our accounts given over to a company called CLC. We just saw a laywer who suggests filing a chapter 7. My husband has accrued student loan debt and myself since I co-signed on three of them, near $50,000 worth! We are trying to get back on our feet! Help!

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